RDP Friday: Chore


There it is waiting silently, daring me, even tempting. Shall I fill it with energy or not? A daily chore to be accomplished. I get a feeling that if I do not attack with its powerful lungs, inhaling dust, something is missing in my life. It is the household dragon that does not spit fire, just coughs up its dusty insides now and again when it is emptied. This monster fills itself daily. I was thinking of ignoring it, just leaving it to sulk in the cupboard. I can live without it, or can I? Life does not seem to work like that.

At the end of the day something is missing in my life. Is it a clean, dust free apartment. Do I begin to have hallucinations of corners with shadows of dust? Are there dark patches glaring at me from nooks and crannies. Perhaps a  spider has at last found its home. No, I cannot do this. I must let it suck and clean.

But wait, the mop is calling “what about me”. Yes what about you? After the dust removal comes the wiping of the floor surfaces, removing the stains, although there are no stains because you wipe daily, but if it is not done, you have a trail of guilt. It cannot be ignored and so the floors are wiped again, as every day. Something is missing in your life when it is not done. And the wet cells in your home. There is a toilet, a bath and shower – are these to be ignored? No, of course not, they are part of the assault, the daily battle to reassure you that it is done.

And do not forget the dishwasher It must have its chance to perform daily, and what it cannot do, you must complete yourself, otherwise there is something missing in your life.  Wet surfaces must be dried, otherwise there will be traces left.

At last finished, but wait. There is a pile of dirty washing calling in a corner. Feed us in the washing machine and afterwards let us be hung up to dry. And then the iron joins in. Do not forget me afterwards.

Extra chores: paying the bills, shopping, cooking, cleaning windows? They are the highlights to break the boredom.

Yes, life would be monotonous without.

RDP Friday: Chore

7 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Chore

    • When I was working, my husband was also retired and helped a lot with housework. They were the good old days. He helps as much as he can now, but is no longer able to do very much


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