RDP Thursday: Shard

There is a building in London, England known as the Shard so if you want to know more, just click on the link. It certainly resembles a broken piece of glass with its sharp edges at the top.I do not have any original photos, and apparently you can visit for a meal at the top, if you can afford it.

Broken Glass
I had my own shards at home this morning. My cleaning lady was back again and hard a work. Where people work accidents can happen, and so she created some shards in the bathroom. I have a a built in attachment for holding a glass (actually two glasses), but the apartment being now 20 years old, when a glass breaks we no longer find the original size. However, the drink company Cynar have glasses to fit. We ordered half a dozen some time ago in the case of breakage, which has happened now and again.

This morning there was the sound of glass tinkling as a glass hit the floor and we had our own shards. This was ideal as it fit today’s prompt, but not so ideal as I had to remember where we had put our reserve supply of glasses.

I knew I had seen them a couple of weeks ago and thought what a good idea that we have enough and so I began a search. After five minutes I found them all together in a bag, wrapped in paper individually. And so our shards are now in the garbage for the next collection and the situation is saved.

RDP Thursday: Shard

11 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Shard

  1. I hope all your shards got picked up safely.

    I don’t use actual glass in the bathroom anymore, since that is one place we are likely to be barefoot. It may look wretched, but plastic has to suffice there–hmm, metal might work too. Even the face lotion bottles are now all some sort of heavy plastic or metal or non-breakable glass.

    We had some ‘professionals’ replace out sliding glass door a couple of months back, and they didn’t even make an effort to pick up the countless shards–those are still here despite my efforts. I wish they had done a good job.

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    • That’s why I won’t have my shower doors done in glass. I dont have such a problem in the bathroom, but in the kitchen. There are always glass objects falling there. This episode was only for the blog, although Tabby is my first worry if glass breaks.

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      • My worry also is our cats–I spent tons of time cleaning up every bit of glass indoors, and the poor squirrels still have some outdoors, sad to say. I cleaned as much as I could outdoor but i always still see more, and I hope they are smart enough not to eat or touch this sort of safety glass. I keep trying to get rid of all of it. Perhaps I will put water on it and freeze it and throw the whole chunk away…?

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    • It was definitely a coincidence that the glass broke at that moment. It is the only size I found to fit in the bathroom. I looked for something in plastic, but found nothing suitable

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  2. My house is old and the bathrooms have the original tile floors. Pretty, but I don’t dare have a glass in there. We had a repairman in, and he was like a bull in a china shop. Knocked over an old pottery piece I had in there…..shards all over the floor.

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