Good Morning


No spectacular sunrise this morning. This photo is yesterday afternoon, bordering on a sunset. This morning, although a clear enough sky, it is -3° C and even I froze when I put out some fresh water for Tabby outside and spread some bread for the birds.

Morning Frost

At first I thought we had some snow coverage on the ground, but this was ground frost and quite a lot. I usually just hop out in my nightdress in the morning to see to the birds but this morning it was a quicker hop than usual as I was freezing.

I really had to have a chuckle at this video yesterday. As some may know there is an international WEF Forum meeting is Davos, Switzerland at the moment. OK, Mr. Trump and his delegation decided not to go, probably he had an important golf match somewhere. Also Mr. Macron of France stayed at home, but our Swiss soldiers were there to guard, in case anything might happen. There is a lot of snow in this part of Switzerland and to play safe avalanches are forced to make sure the snow falls where it should. Unfortunately there was a little mishap with the planning and this avalanche did not stop when it should. I really had to laugh at the reaction of the soldiers when they noticed the avalanche was coming their way. The speech is Swiss German but many words are international and I do not think that you will have problems with translating.


The crows are back for their breakfast again this morning. There seem to be more and more every day. We also get a few magpies but they do not stay long enough for a photo.

Yesterday the guy arrived to fix my wheelchair. He did the necessary to make sure I could go for a wheelie, but a small screw seems to have broken and they had no replacement in the workshop so he will be back when he has organised it. He also fixed my walker, as the right sided brake was not working. I am now ready to go places again, although this morning I am out with the car on a shopping trip and usually too tired to go anywhere in the afternoon. I will see how it goes.

Yesterday I at last cleaned my windows in the kitchen and living room. I usually do it every two weeks, but this time it was almost a month because of the snow and rain showers. I was knocked out when I finished but am glad it is done.  During the day we are now having a bit of sun and I do not like my windows to be dirty.

And now to do the usual with a shower and cleaning up a bit. Then I am off. The shopping list is made, so what could possibly go wrong. Enjoy the day with whatever you are doing and look after your computers. They also have to be spoilt now and again and keep going like the mallard duck on the nearby river.

Ducks 12.01 (1)

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Does you cleaning lady not come any more? Trump….he was probably fixing salad or Big Macs for the visiting football team. It is a shame a government shut down does not include shutting him down.


    • My cleaning lady will be back tomorrow. She had her Christmas holidays and afterwards had her course to complete to become a qualified career. No she will back as usual from next week, but will call in tomorrow morning to catch up with my bath, shower and kitchen.
      It seems to me that governments are full of idiots. As a Brit I am ashamed of what is going on with the Brexit affair.

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