FOWC with Fandango: Umbrage

Migros Parkhouse 16.11.2018

I think I am becoming a grumpy lady as I get older. I no longer have so much understanding. Is it because I am now a golden oldie and find that it is time that people show more understanding?

The same old story again. This morning I went to the local supermarket with my car. I have permission for parking spaces for the handicapped. I can no longer walk so well (although I can drive a car – it is automatic and I do not need my left foot). This time there were some empty spaces. Then a lady drove into one of the spaces, perfectly healthy, no permit in the car (yes, I had a look) and ran quickly into the store with an envelope in her hand. I watched this and thought “how ignorant” taking a space from someone that needed it.

After five minutes she came out of the store and walked quickly to her car.

“Excuse me, but these places are reserved for the handicapped.”

“I know, but I had an urgent letter to deliver in the store.”

“But there are more than 100 places empty on the other level.”

“Yes but I did not have the time.”

She was getting annoyed at my reaction and walked off shaking her head. I would not have acted this way earlier, but now I just cannot keep my big mouth shut. In the meanwhile I noticed a guy sitting in his parked car (with no permit). Suddenly a lady came out of the store with her shopping, hopped into the car and they drove off. Another one taking what does not belong to them.

Ok, I complained (again) in the store afterwards and the lady said I was right to complain, but no-one does anything. When I finished my shopping I returned to my car and spoke to a lady in a wheelchair. She said she knows the problem, it happens to her often but the store do not react. They could I suppose but do not put anyone outside to watch these parking places, and so they are mostly occupied by cars with owners that can walk normally and have no handicaps.

Yes I was annoyed. It is frustrating when no-one does anything.

FOWC with Fandango

27 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Umbrage

  1. If you need a permit such as here in the US ( I have a handicap licence plate on the car ) the police can issue a ticket. I think the fine is $250. Some places like the town next to the one I live in hires people to check the handicapped spots and sent the plate number to the police. By the way, that parking garage is really nice, here we have only dirty asphalt open parking lots. Hugs

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    • The police would also slap a fine of anyone parking without permission on those reserved places, but if no-one informs them they do not come. The parking lot at the supermarket is two stories and covered. There used to be more places, but they had to reduce them as it was said there were too many parking places available.

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      • Do you have a tip line for the local police? You could call the plate numbers in or the location and see if the police started giving tickets / fines. That sure would wake a few people up. Best wishes. Hugs

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        • I don’t think we have a tip line. All they do at the supermarket is read the numbers out over the loudspeaker and tell people to immediately repark their cars, but no-one pays attention.

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  2. I don’t blame you for reporting this. It isn’t right that other (apparently lazy) people take those spaces. Are your local police able to enforce the handicapped parking space use? A few visits and fines from them may help resolve this.

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    • @ Slmert, I would recommend caution in confronting others. Where AngloSwiss lives it may be safe, but where I live the person could be under the influence of something and react in rage. I have seen news video of a person using their car as a weapon to either harm the person confronting them or to damage the person’s car. Weapons of all kinds are all too common here and the people that park illegally in these place tend to lack control and restraint. I would hate to see any harm come to AngloSwiss. Hugs

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      • I actually thought about that before I entered my post. Another thought: here (in suburban Orange County, CA), we have parking patrolmen who are part of the police department — perhaps they could be alerted to the problem and issue tickets.

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  3. Those sort of people are what we call “but not me”–there are parking signs that say NO PARKING AT ANY TIME, and they park there ‘just for a minute’ or they claim they didn’t see it, or just ignore it, because it doesn’t apply to them in their minds.

    To share the curmegoenliness with you, here is another compalint in a similar vein. Lately people do this other stupid car trick which amazes me: they leave the car running and go shopping in the supermarket or to have lunch. I have seen this when it is not freezing cold, and sometimes the cars seem locked, so what happens if it rolls away or starts to burn up or fills with carbon monoxide or something somehow? Sometimes they seem unlocked, which means they are presenting a free car to anyone who wants it, ready to be driven away. It seems to me that we all learned decades ago that this is foolish to do, and yet now I see it very often here–and I think it is disgraceful to use a handicapped space without the sticker or at least if one is not genuinely on crutches or something similar.

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  4. They give HUGE tickets for using a handicapped space without a permit — like $500 AND you lose your license for a week. And if you “borrowed” someone else’s pass, the price goes up and you can wind up in jail. No one ignores those rules anymore. Amazing how much a huge ticket can change your attitude.

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  5. Unfortunately, we live in a society where everyone believes they are entitled. I’m sorry for your struggles. I am fortunate enough not to need that space, but I hope if I ever do, that it will be open for me.

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  6. I would concur with an earlier comment that was left … perhaps go to the local police and see what they can do, or what more you can do … you have a camera, so you could take pictures of the cars parked in the reserved spaces and give to the police. Maybe they would be able to work with that to make progress? There has to be something that can be done. We will pray at our church for a solution to your situation.

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    • I might just have a word with the police, because they are the ones that slap on the fines. The people at the store (and it is a big store branch, part of a mall) do not seem to be bothered.


  7. This is not only aggravating, Pat. It is just plain wrong. I wish you could get a group of you who have permitted parking ask the store manager, if he cannot do anything about keeping those parking spaces open for those who need them, then who is over him that you can talk to. Make him sweat! He just does not to lose his ‘other’ customers. I am so sure there is something he can do. Having an officer stand outside for a few days a week to monitor parking seems like a good solution.

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  8. This happens here too and it is absolutely infuriating that people are so selfish. I think you were absolutely right both to complain to the store and to call out the lady with the letter. She was just being lazy and selfish and not considering the inconvenience she was causing to disabled people needing to park. Of course, there are always laws against it but unless they are enforced nobody will care. I don’t know what the answer is, well I do, people should be more considerate but I don’t know how you make them be nice.


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