Good Morning


The clouds are lifting this morning. It was a day of rain yesterday and now we have a pause but I am not convinced that it is finished. At least the snow has now completely disappeared so safe travelling on the roads.

It’s Monday again and the weeks are going far too quickly. When you are a golden oldie it is another week of your life. At the moment I am home bound as I had a little collision with my wheelchair and a cupboard door at home yesterday and it seems to have put the right arm, where the steering is, out of position. I am hoping that the guy can fix it and will call him today. They have a good service and he usually does the work straight away. I am hoping that it is not too serious, I am dependent on my chair for excursions to other places. Today is market day in town, but I will have to give it a miss not being mobilised.

This morning I will be on my way to the supermarket. The cupboard is bare and I should stock up on fresh food. As we had potatoes yesterday with ham and green beans, today will be something with pasta. I try to alternate in my cooking choices.


The crows are gathering again for their bread breakfast. They are a little too big for feeding on my birdhouse, so I serve the food on the ground. The sparrows arrive afterwards to gather the remaining crumbs.

Mr. Swiss has also now arrived in the kitchen and sorting his morning tablets. What a life! And now to the shower. I used to do my morning cleaning sessions in the bathroom, but the seat I had for the bath is kaput so I tried our shower and found that it works perfectly. We are lucky to have both a shower and bathroom separate. The bath has an attached shower, but I cannot sit in the bath. The last time I fell into the bath I had to organise the ambulance to lift me out, and they sent two policemen ๐Ÿ™‚

In the meanwhile I have organised the wheelchair repair man and he will come tomorrow.

Swan 01.01 (6)

I will leave you with one of our local swans on the River Aare ย and hope that you have a good week ahead of you.

18 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning …although it is afternoon there by now … we got 13 inches of snow yesterday. The buses are suspended “until further notice” … where we live they do not handle snowstorms well … everything today will be closed. But the good news is …it has stopped snowing … it started Saturday night and snowed until about 2 am Monday …. yuk.

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  2. That’s a gorgeous shot of the swan — a real keeper! It’s raining here for the next 4 days — after 7 year of drought, it’s good to see a good rainfall this year!


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