FOWC with Fandango: Rebuke


Apart from making a few negative comments about various politicians, one in particular – not wanting to menton any names, I am not really in the rebuking line of things. However, something occurred on my e-mail lately which at first disturbed me. The person who sent the e-mails was uttering criticism about me, a grey haired golden oldie that means no harm to anyone, but it seems I am corrupt.

The first time I got a mail it was sent by me, but not by me, by someone that got into my e-mail account, so it was my e-mail address. I was told that he had hacked it through the router and that he had dumped all my contacts and planted a trojan on my account. Then he proceeded to blackmail me into paying a thousand bitcoins into his account, otherwise he would tell all my friends about the various web sites I visit with negative sexual content. Oh, and he also said he had my password, but I noticed it was an old password that I had not used in years. What to do? OK, I took the risk and deleted the mail. As nothing further happened I was glad, but had a funny feeling.

About a month later I got a similar mail, from apparently the same person, but with a difference. This time he was demanding only 8000 bitcoins, although the trojan was also placed on my account. The third attempt was last week and so I went hunting in Internet and discovered these mails are all a scam, newest version, known as Sextortion, because the accusations are always of a sexual nature. As the accusations of what I do on my computer, and the apparent secret films he had made of me in private moments with the computer camera were just plain lies, I realised I was a victim.

Here is a link explaining what to do and how it happens. Apparently the fact that my own e-mail address was used is not difficult to do and no big deal.

Sextortion Scam

Why they chose me as a victim I do not know, but I am disgusted that people can stoop to such levels. So never pay anything, and just ignore. It is not a hacker, but a plain old fashioned scam, a sick attempt to extort money. And I do not even know how to get a  bit coin, although I was instructed how to transfer them to his account, which I could find in Google.

FOWC with Fandango: Rebuke

16 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Rebuke

  1. At least you didn’t get really hacked. The attempt at extortion is really standard these days — every attempted hacker gives it a shot. But it ‘s hilarious that he was threatening you with sex tapes. He’d have a hell of a time finding anything sexy with me in it … I don’t think anything exists because if it did, it would be on 50-year old film.

    Around here, we are told to report these things to the police. They are trying to track these guys and even if nothing happened to you, someone’s probably getting hacked.

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    • It was certainly disturbing to find that someone uses your email address. There are apparently some people that actually pay these creeps. I wouldn’t even know where to find such stuff on the computer and am too busy blogging.. I wonder what the next trick will be


  2. I think this happens to a lot of people. I have received advice to maintain Malwarebytes, Avast, and Cryptoprevent on my computer. I am old enough to have 30-something nieces and nephews who are savvy about this computer security stuff. They suggested all of these. Also you need to run CCCleaner religiously … like every other day. These are all free downloads, they offer an “upgrade” for money, but I don’t use that. It looks to me that the main reason to pay for the upgrade is that it does it automatically, so you don;t have to remember, but if you are working on the computer every day you just factor this into your routine. The first time I ran Malwarebytes with my niece … oh my … so much stuff !!! She said to run it over and over again until there was nothing twice in a row … that took 2 days !!! But now I do it twice a week. CCCleaner maybe twice a week, if I am looking at a lot of sites, I will do it at the end of the day. Cryptoprevent is like a tetanus shot do it once and that is supposedly it. My one nephew is Asian, he says Avast is better for protection against the Asian viruses, so I run that also in addition to the Malwarebytes. That’s my recipe. I used to have the same problem you are having but that is all cleaned up (no pun intended …) now.

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    • I have Avast since many years . I have both Malwarebytes and CC Cleaner, and I run them every time I am finished with my Windows computer. I also have a Mac, but no mails. I am getting this malware on my IPad where I have no protection. Malwarebytes for IPad is not available in Switzerland


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