RDP Sunday: Timely

Solothurn Clock
If you ever visit the town of Solothurn in Switzerland you will have to hurry. Our day only has 22 hours: 11 at midday and 11 at midnight. 11 is the magic number of the town. If you have decided to stay a few days, then remember that everything must be done in time. You have two hours less daily.. The clock even chimes 11 strokes at midday and midnight together with the Solothurn song.

The Biberstein Sisters are a local group, four sisters and I would add, just to say, that the lady on the left is a very good friend of mine. The song may sound familiar and appears in many countries with other words. Our version translated says “It was always like this”.

Oufi Beer sign - Weststadt

Our town even brews its own beer known as “Oufi Bier” which translated is “11 Bier”.

St. Urs steps towards Kronegasse

Not to mention the stone steps leading to our cathedral. There are 33 steps, divisible by 11 of course and fountains?

Simson Fountain 24.11.2018

Yes, Solothurn has 11 fountains, how could it be otherwise.

And I nearly forgot, the official beginning of the Solothurn carnival is on 11th November, although the processions and festivities are in the following Feburary in the next year. Solothur has a carnival tradition and preparations have to be made. The various organisations begin their preparations on 11th November.

Yes, time is something with another meaning in Solothurn. We have our own.

RDP Sunday: Timely

17 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Timely

    • Yes, I think I knew it in the english version also with those words. They are four sisters and have been singing for many years. I will tell my friend how much their voices are appreicated. They still sing, but no longer so much. Just now and again and might appear on the television.

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  1. I love hearing the town’s song! And the picture of the singers fascinated me as well! How interesting that 11 should be a lucky number. At one of the colleges I attended, 47 is the number to look for — I have no idea why, but it is tradition to look for 47’s!

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  2. Are you serious? Eleven hours? It would make MORE sense if you had 25 hours because you could get an extra hour of sleep. In fact, I’ve been lobbying for some time for a 30 hour day, six of which can be spent doing nothing. Nothing at all. Not cooking, not processing. Doing NOTHING. I need to do some nothing.

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