FOWC with Fandango: Inane

Railway Work 14 (1)

“Do you have to click away with that camera while I am driving?”

“But I am capturing the moments of the day.”

“Well I do not see anything interesting in repairing the local railway lines. The men are doing their work.”

“But look at the photo on my camera.”

“I only see pairs of feet.”

“That is what I mean. Why are their four men working when three are just standing still. I can see only one pair of feet that are actually doing something worthwhile. The guy with the interesting tattoo spreading the tar.”

“I think you are only interested in taking photos of tattoos.”

“No of course not. It is a fact that four men are being paid to work, but only one is actually working.”

“Of course the others are working.”

“What are they doing.”

“I am sure one is the boss.”

“And the other two?”

“Someone is giving instructions to make sure he is doing the job properly.”

“And the other one?”

“Don’t ask silly questions. I have to concentrate on the driving.”

FOWC with Fandango: Inane

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