Good Morning

Morning Light on snow

Why I always get blue photos of the snow in the early morning I do not know, Must be something to do with the reflections in the early morning light. It is really not so blue, but quite white. It did not snow again, but made a weak effort, just a little sprinkle probably in the early morning hours. Temperature was 0°C this morning, but getting warmer which I am not sorry about. I just hope that the weather stays more or less dry today so I can again venture into the wilds with my wheelchair for some new photos.  Winter is not such a productive time for photos due to the weather.

All I can supply at the moment are the daily morning visits of the crows that come to peck at the bread remains of the day before.

Yesterday was not so eventful but the morning shopping was OK, as I had already bought everything for the week-end the day before. Just a few bits and pieces that I forgot, and even Mr. Swiss came with me as he had a small detail to change on his phone. To be quite honest, I quite like an excursion to the store now and again, gets me out to see places with my new car.


Speaking of new car, I was pleased to receive a card of appreciation from the sales guy at the garage yesterday. I remember him taking the photo, I just thought it was custom, but was surprised and happy to get the card with the photo. He also sent his best wishes etc. We have been customers of this garage for many years. I must say I am really satisfied with my purchase and everything on the car suits me, it is ideal. I feel quite the professional now having organised the purchase of a new car.

And now to move on. It might be just Saturday but a woman’s work is never done. Mr. Swiss asks why I clean the same thing every day but why is it so strange to convince someone that if your do it regularly for half an hour a day, I do not have to sacrifice a complete day once a week, and in any case I have a good feeling when I am finished (if I survive and do not fall during the work, or any other interruptions).

All going well they will let me out this afternoon again, otherwise I will curl up with a computer, and perhaps later a book. Enjoy the day, have fun and remember there is always a silver lining somewhere. Just hope that the sun shines.

Sunset 04.01 (5)

21 thoughts on “Good Morning

        • Some of the kids I grew up with explained that Buick was the ‘fancy’ car in Vietnam, and that some where outfitted like Cadillacs (which were not available at that time there). However, they had never seen the big ones until they came here. The little Skylark was considered to be a full sized luxury sedan. The bigger cars would have been unpleasantly cumbersome on the roads there. I would imagine that the same would would apply to the roads in the much older towns in Europe. Buicks are much smaller nowadays, but there are probably so many choices in Europe that there is not much interest in Buicks.

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  1. Pat, I think the blue has to do with your camera trying to adjust white balance with the bright snow. There are lots of fancy ways to correct for that, but you might just go to the menu in your camera and try different white balance settings. There might be one just for snow.

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    • With the camera I do not have such a problem, but my photos on my morning blogs are generally with my iPhone, unless they are from the archives. I just take the photos whilst I am writing.


  2. You get rid of the blue when you process the pictures. Just turn the saturation down until the blue goes away. If you have any kind of filters, whatever does the saturation, that’s the one that gets rid of the blue.

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