Good Morning


One thing I must say for the cold frosty, snowy weather is that it delivers good sunrise photos. This photo is the morning sunrise from my garden, although just a little later than usual for me as I was hugging the bed a little longer.

Yesterday was not so romantic as it decided to snow all day. I was keeping an eye on the development of the snowflakes. At first they were fine and I was hoping for some rain, but then they grew and got bigger. Mr. Swiss had decided that he needed a new iPhone and I said OK, but in the afternoon when it does not snow, but it snowed. It was eventually bigger flakes, but temperatures were over 0° (just 1 or 2°C) so I decided to take the risk, I mean everyone drives on snow. I saw the cars on the near road were having no trouble. I then had a look at todays weather forcast with minus temperatures and decided at least there would be no icy surfaces.

Eventually I made off with Mr. Swiss in the car to the store. He was on a quest for a new phone and I decided to combine it with the week-end shopping.

I did my shopping and Mr. Swiss dealt with his telephone. He really thought his mobile had given up the ghost. It was a relatively new one and the guy in the shop fixed it in a couple of minutes and it is now working perfectly, so no new telephone. We eventually arrived home, tired both of us, and more or less happy. I thought I would not have to go shopping today, but of course I forgot a couple of things. On the other hand the weather is cold yes, but there is no fresh snow and the roads are normal. I only have a few things to get, so no problem.


In the meanwhile the birds are gathering for their morning feed. The sparrow having a drink and generally pecking around and the crow and the magpie discovering the bread I put out in the morning. Not a very good shot, although I was surprised how much detail I captured as it was only with my mobile phone through the window.

I would like to go places today again, as I am really stuck at home with only snow photos in my camera, but it depends on how the day develops and I have a mountain of ironing to do as well. In he meanwhile the sun has appeared with a blue sky and now I must move on.

Keep safe, and look forward to the week-end. It can only get better.


13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. The photos are beautiful! You are getting very brave on the roadway. Just like the postman, nothing keeps Mrs AngloSwiss home…neither rain nor sleet nor dark of night….. 😀

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  2. We filled the birdfeeder on Wednesday, but it was close to empty this morning. I suppose it IS the cold. It makes them hungry, so Garry and I went out and filled it. Very messy filling because we are both so short, but the birds eat all the spilled seed too.

    No snow here yet. We are ALL waiting for the “other shoe” to fall. It will snow. It’s only a matter of when and how much.

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    • We fill the feeder daily, and they also eat the spilled seeds on the ground below. I think they are insatiable. No snow today, but I think rain is on the way.


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