RDP Thursday: Partner

Wheelchair 28.12 (3)

I am suddenly finding partners everywhere. As soon as you have a wheelchair or need a walker, even a stick you are a member of the team. You park your car in places especially  for the handicapped next to cars belonging to others under the same circumstances.

The exchange of words starts immediately. Just a hello, a smile, or a discussion. It is not about your problems, you discuss those enough with the doctor, but you have something in common and so the contact takes place. Just a chance meeting perhaps in town at the local market: each of you in their own wheelchair and the contact is made. We talk about our hobbies, about places we go.  An athlete who lives in our local town once wheeled past me and greeted friendly. He has won many gold medals at the paraplegic games and is quite well known.

RDP Thursday: Partner

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