RDP Wednesday: Ebullient


Over lunchtime we got snow. It began this morning but was a wet snow and the roads resembled more rain than snow. When I awoke after my lunch time sleep, everything was white and the the branches on my tree in the garden were already sagging under the weight of the snow.

I do not get ebullient about snow, but I heard screams of delight from outside my window.

Sleigh in snow

The neighbourhood kids were outside sliding down the path equipped with their sleighs and covered from head to foot with their snow clothing. They were full of ebullience, if that is the right noun. There was also an adult keeping an eye on things. At least someone was having fun with the snow. I like to take photos, but that is all. I do not ski and have no intention of going anywhere in the snow. I will be glad when it melts.

Sleighing in snow

RDP Wednesday: Ebullient

12 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Ebullient

  1. We got a little tiny dusting of snow that disappeared in less than two hours. But they keep mumbling maybe … but we get a day of cold, then a day of warm. Nice to see someone got some snow and it looks like winter somewhere!


    • It’s a bit of Russian Roulette at the moment, coming and going and I will be glad when it goes completely as since driving regularly again I never know what to expect on the roads


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