RDP Tuesday: Crepitus

Barfüssergasse 01.12.2018

Was it a knock at the door? Someone entering my home?
No, it was just a movement, a crack from a body bone
Perhaps the arm, I broke so long ago
The leg, a moving knee, or a sign from a toe
My joints are talking to me, I am their friend
Telling me to take it easy and have no loose end
If I move my wrist there could be a pop
Just do not stretch it, it might begin to flop
I was taking a walk, it was shake, rattle and roll
When you grow older, there is no control
The crepitus is the cause of the noise
It clanks and clicks, I am losing my poise
And so I lay down to rest my weary head
My brain is clicking, but I am not yet dead
As long as there is movement and pain I can ward
I clickety click on the computer, upon the keyboard

RDP Tuesday: Crepitus

6 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Crepitus

    • I an understand that very well. Mr. Swiss only said to me today you are always in action doing something, but I need the action. The only time I have no physical action is when my brain is in action with the computer or a book. I was also a knitter, and always something in the work.

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