Good Morning

Drain Clearage

I could say I am late this morning, but as I have nowhere that I have to go or be, being a golden oldie, I just stopped hugging the bed half an hour later. I noticed there was action in the estate and the company that clear the drains in our area were at work.  They seem to do the job once a month with their pumps. It is also raining today, and quite windy, so not a very pleasant day to go places.

Crows 07.01 (8)

However I battled my way through wind and rain with the remaining bread from yesterday for the big birds and they did not waste any time gathering the offerings. Each crow with a beak full of bread made off afterwards to have their breakfast in their secret places.

And now I am also off. I was thinking of cleaning a few windows today, but decided it is too cold and wet, although a woman’s work is never done and I am sure I will find something else to occupy myself with. Yesterday I took my new car for a drive to the shops. It is so nice to have a normal day of shopping with no Christmas buys to do and everyone just enjoying the shopping experience. I could park my car with a choice of places, no-one hogging the specially reserved places for the handicapped as they did in the Christmas days. I can no longer call them “holidays” as holidays are days when you can have a bit of fun. Christmas is no longer fun, but a misery and I am glad it is gone. The next holiday will be Easter, another one to avoid.

I noticed yesterday that my new car talks to me. I parked in the garage and it reminded me first of all that I was a  little too near the wall, so it peeped. I am used to that. It peeps everywhere if you happen to have an obstacle, but no problem. It is when the peep begins to howl at you that it is time to switch off. Then it began to do its act again, reminding me to put the gear into P. Eventually it was happy and settled down. I am really getting to love this car, it does all the thinking for me. I never thought as a golden oldie that I would one day enjoy driving. Is it because I am no longer just a passenger sitting next to the driver, because I have no passengers and I am the driver.  My cousin in England told me that his mother-in-law still drives at the age of 94, so who knows.

So now to move on. As you can see there is not much action in the wilds of Switzerland at the moment and I have an appointment with a vacuum cleaner and mop, as well as a meal to cook. Look after yourselves, and make the most of the day, even if there are a few negatives to cope with.

Berries 04.01 (2)

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We are — quite unreasonably — sharing the same crappy weather. It’s raining (again) and it has been so dark all day it looks like the beginning of night. I have to make a meatloaf — my personal agenda. Even the dogs look depressed.

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