15 thoughts on “FOTD 8th January 2019: Montbretia

  1. GADS! This is very invasive in some regions. It took over the ‘Mall’ at work just in the past few years. We do not even bother trying to get rid of it because we can not figure out how to do so. If that were not bad enough, it does not even bloom in the shade there.
    . . . . okay, so it is pretty.

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  2. I absolutely love them – they are SO pretty and with the flowers developping gently towards the point, they last long and give joy to every bunch!


  3. My mother used to have this in a planter in the front window of our home. It was there for years and years … decades as a matter of fact. Year in and year out it would bloom, summer …winter … in between … always blooming … I never knew what it was. We called it “cigarette plant” … I think my grandfather who lived with us said that was its name. Brings back a LOT of memories …. 60 years ago …. thanks for the picture. SLP

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