FOWC with Fandango: Wall


I have a wall, actually two walls, built in my garden to keep the plants in. My feline adopted the wall. She likes to stare at walls, walls are her favourites. She seems to communicate with walls.

I remember the Berlin Wall that cut a city in half. It was not so much built to keep the people out, but to keep the people in. Eventually it crumbled, because the government that built the wall crumbled. Now we have a new wall built by a President who is still waiting to have it paid for from those that it was built to keep out.

The world is a funny place really. Hadrian built a wall in the first century separating Scotland and England (although those countries did not really exist as such at the time). The Chinese built a fortified wall across the country to keep the invaders out. Today Handrian’s Wall and the Great Wall of China are tourist attractions. The wall dividing Berlin was demolished, but if you were lucky you could rescue a  piece and keep it as a souvenir. The US-Mexican Wall is still being built. One Day it will be a big tourist attraction I am sure.

There must be a moral to these various wall creations, but I have not yet found it. At least we remember Hadrian because it was his wall.

FOWC with Fandango: Wall

7 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Wall

  1. Thank you for this post — it brings “The Wall” into a different focus! For many reasons, I am not in favor of The Wall. It may slow down some of the illegal migration, but people climb over and tunnel under the walls that are currently in place along the California-Mexico border. It seems to me that there are better solutions than a wall. I do agree that there is a need for strong enforcement of laws regarding entry, deportation, drugs, etc., but I do not believe that, in this country that was built on immigrations, we should be dealing with the situation by punishing those who work for the government and those who rely on the government for support.

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    • Walls seem to be the new weapon to enforce. Everyone tries it. The Berlin Wall was the worst example in my memory. People were shot and killed for trying to escape from their country. What will happen with the Trump Wall I do not know, but it is just madness.

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  2. Walls have NEVER worked as a defense. They don’t keep people in and they certainly don’t keep others out. You’d think they’d learn from history, but no one ever learns anything from history. Every “ruler” thinks he or she is exempt from history. They aren’t.

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