Good Morning


I was a little overwhelmed with my sunrise photos this morning. This was the first one with a clear sky and a nice glow in the distance from the rising sun. On this photo you can even see a peak of the far distant alps, towards the righthand side just next to the tree on the horizon. I am sure if I had been higher up, perhaps our local castle path, I would have seen the whole range of the Alps. Yesterday also looked quite promising in the morning, but when the afternoon arrived it was again cloud cover.


And I took this photo about 10 minutes later when the sunrise was a little more colourful.

At last we are more or less back to normal and the holidays are over. Yesterday I was on a shopping trip again in the morning although officially it was still a holiday here. The road was completely empty of traffic through our village and I wondered if I was living in a ghost town. As I approached the road to the supermarket, there was a little more on the roads. Eventually I arrived and discovered a moderate public, with enough parking room. Even the special places for the handicapped had enough space to park.  It was really only this supermarket open in the region. All the other stores were still closed.

I was glad to have a comfortable space to do my shopping and I managed to buy what I needed. I was even earlier back at home afterwards with plenty of time to manage my routine with no stress.

Today there is no shopping trip planned, but I will now have to visit our garbage containers in our village to deposit our glass and metal refuse collected over the past month. Mr. Swiss used to do it with my son, but now he is no longer able so I will be on my way with son No. 1. I could not do it on my own and am glad of his help.


It is all nicely organised with containers clearly marked for their purpose. It will be yet another new experience for me and the car, but it seems it is all clearly marked to drive in. I will have to repack the two bags, as both are brimming full with the waste. It is all in the name of recycling and almost a must in Switzerland.

River Aare 01.01 (2)

I will not have any spare time today for wheelies into town. I really miss Mr. Swiss accompanying me on walks or even car drives although the last walk we took together was more than a year ago. How quickly life can change when age creeps up on you.

So now to get down to some action. I might even clean a window or two today, who knows. At the moment I am still feeling fit.

Enjoy your day, I will see you around.

Horses 01.01 (2)

Some horses I saw as I was leaving my village on my last trip to town this week.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We’ve also had a run of pretty nice weather for the last week. It gets light rather late, but at least it hasn’t been raining all the time! no snow yet, but it’s early. We’ve had other winters like this. No snow until the end of January, then 110 inches, so until the flowers bloom, I’m just waiting for the skies to open!

    I’m pretty sure that’s how Garry feels about me. i can’t go most places with him, though I’m trying harder just so he doesn’t feel so alone. He’s older than me, but much more fit than I am. He can still walk. He probably could even run, if he tried. It doesn’t mean parts of hm don’t hurt, but overall, he’s in much better shape them me.

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    • We are also having good weather at the moment, and the sun is making more appearances. I noticed up in the Jura that the slopes are covered in snow, but that is about 1,000 meters. We are at 5-600 meters and the snow has stayed away up to now.

      Mr. Swiss can no longer walk so well and needs the cane or at home he has his wheelchair. He no longer goes anywhere, although he still talks about when it gets better he will come with me to the store. I have discovered that the more active I am it helps me to stay mobile. I get a little nostalgic when I see older photos of us both when we were more fit Mr. Swiss has also lost a lot of weight but that is a common occurrence with golden oldies.


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