Good Morning


If this sunrise is as promising as yesterday’s then there will probably be no more sun today. The first day of the New Year was not exactly brilliant as far as the weather is concerned, but at least we had no snow. I noticed that my patio was a little dampt this morning, so there was probably a rain shower during the night.

River Aare 01.01 (4)

Undaunted I decided to take a wheelie into the local town of Solothurn in my chair yesterday afternoon. I had to give myself a push as it was so nice and warm and comfortable at home, but the only place I see lately is the supermarket in the next village and my camera says take a few photos so I did. This is a view over Solothurn with the River Aare, as  a river runs through it. It looks quite peaceful and it is, as I saw very few people in town, probably sleeping out they fun from New Year’s Eve.

After the fireworks of the night before everything was very quiet. I notice some left overs of rubbish in various corners of the town. Boxes of used firework bodies and empty beer cans. It seems the local street cleaners were also taking it easy.

Birds on a roof Altstadt 01.01 (2)

The town population seemed to mainly be composed of pigeons who had occupied various roofs. I eventually decided that there was really nothing happening in town and made my way home long the river bank where the birds were gathering again.

Gulls and Swans 01.01 (2)

The swans had gathered near the river bank, being fed by a family and the gulls were flying around to take the remainders.

Swan 01.01 (4)

I then heard a sound that reminded me of a car starting and then I saw two swans that had decided to take a flight. I was quite glad, as I had always wanted to capture them in flight. They are big birds and have powerful wings and often decide to fly down the river. My photo is not quite Pulitzer price worthy as I did not have time to switch to the zoom lens but I got them.

Swan 01.01 (5)

It was a swan afternoon and this one floated past on my way home.

Ducks 01.01 (1)

And let us not forget the ducks, mainly the mallard species, which were also having a river outing.

I might take another wheelie this afternoon if the weather stays OK. I can now see blue sky above, but who knows if it will stay.

This morning I will be off shopping again. The holiday season is now actually over. Today is St. Barholomew’s day, but our stores are no longer closed today a they used to and I have to feed the family. As I sit here in the kitchen writing I see magpies, crows and sparrows flying around all pecking at the various goodies I put out for them. Mr. Swiss is still sleeping and I will now make my way to the shower. I used to do the cleaning before shopping, but since I do the shopping on my own, I get it dealt with and do with rest when I arrive home. It is a new routine and I am still getting used to it.

Have a good day everyone, and it is now only getting better after putting all those festive days behind us, which were only stress days for me. Although I would add I am now a golden oldie, and do not need extra holidays, every day is a holiday, except when you have a doctor’s visit.

So let us hope that the New Year is continuing well at your end. Take it easy enjoy and see you around somewhere. I leave you with a shop window decoration in our local town seeing the New Year in.

New Year Ornament Altstadt 01.01.2019

16 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Thank you for the pretty pictures of the waterfowl and the other birds. I also am glad the holidays are over. I am going to take the Christmas decorations down today, which is rather early for me. I just want everything to get back to normal. This is the first year I can ever remember feeling that way …. strange ….

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  2. Happy New Year to you! That’s a great shot of the swans in flight, and I’m glad you showed the single swan swimming as the next shot in your post — good job!

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