FOWC with Fandango: Deliver

Supermarket trolley

Oh what a wonderful life, delivering the food
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I go shopping no matter the mood
At home I compose a list to be sure I don’t forget
At the shop I pick my trolley and then begin to sweat
Visit first the vegetables and do not forget the beans
Think of tomatoes and potatoes, perhaps you need some greens
And now to the butcher, special offer on the beef
They still have some steak remaining, that is a relief
And chicken is a bargain today,  buy two for the price of one
Perhaps I could take some frozen fries, part of the battle won
But now I have to get some bread and hope that it is fresh
Baked this morning in the store, so warm just like the flesh
The mister said do not forget to buy a jar of honey
So now I have to search in the store, this is really not so funny
My trolley is now brimming full, it was the toilet paper
Buying 20 rolls together, this is really not a caper
And so I wait in the queue for the goods to pay
The lady in front has dropped her money and so she has to stay
Eventually we are on our knees to gather up the money
And then it happened, my fingers slipped and I dropped the jar of honey
Oh that was a sticky mess and I was feeling stressed
Eventually I paid the bill although I was quite pressed
I struggled with my shopping trophies and piled them in the car
Oh what fun to deliver the goods, although this goes too far
Of course I did not have the honey, so the mister was not glad
I told him the next time he can go, and partake in the olympiad.

FOWC with Fandango: Deliver

4 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Deliver

  1. I put off the grocery shopping until tomorrow. I just couldn’t face it today. Making a list. No, too much. I need one more day to figure out what I really need — and what I have room for in the fridge and freezer. I used to LIKE shopping. What happened?

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    • Since I have now taken over many responsibilities at home because Mr. Swiss can no longer manage, I seem to be getting more active in life. Admittedly shopping is a stress, but gradually I am getting used to it. I also have more organisation at home with the food and know what we have and what we need. Over the past months when we went shopping together I realize how much I was losing touch. Now I know exactly what we have and need. Of course I forget now and again, but that is human. And I love my new car. Not a happy end to the year, but everything has a positive side.


  2. Glad your year ended with a positive streak — may next year be a happier one (no falls, no car accidents, no broken honey jars!) That’s a great shot of you doing the shopping!


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