RDP Tuesday: Anticipate

Baseltor gate 01.12 (1)

The door to 2019 has now been opened, is there something waiting for me?
I take a careful step behind and then I dropped the key
It fell into a endless pit and so I cannot go back
Typical luck throughout my life, again am on the wrong track
So let me go forward despite it all, I am sure I will find something new
Perhaps I will have a lotto win, and be able to widen my view
Take a plane to a far off land, at last to visit the Bahamas
But at my age that would be too daring, causing melodramas
Floating in a hot air balloon would also be a dream
But looking down I get vertigo, not a very good scheme
There is only one way to go, choices are not a plenty
I bide my time and enjoy my life and hope to reach Twenty-twenty.

RDP Tuesday: Anticipate

8 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Anticipate

  1. You can still go to the Bahamas! One year after I was married, my husband’s parents split after 42 years of marriage. Then we got postcards from both of them within a year from different island beaches, each with a person that they spent or are spending the rest of their life with….

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