Good Morning


This morning we got a sunrise, the first time for a couple of weeks, although whether the clouds continue to lift we don’t know. Today is New Year’s Eve, so perhaps it might happen. I remember in the good old days when I was a working woman. This is was the time when it began to snow. No snow throughout the Christmas stress and then it would arrive with a revenge at the New Year, just when we were ready to begin working life again.

It seems since I am a member of the golden oldies, this does not happen and there is no sign of snow up to now, although in the higher reaches they have enough, but need it for their Winter sports season. I am not sorry about this.

So what are we dong for the New Year? Actually nothing special. There is no big meal planned in the evening and we will not be going to a New Year party: no-one invited us and if they had we would probably have politely declined. We used to stay up in the evening until midnight in the  past and serve a glass of champagne at the midnight hour. We would toast the New Year in with a hug and kiss. Since the golden oldie age has arrived we are lucky not to fall asleep before midnight and most probably will be hugging our beds already tonight. And the only cold refreshing drinks we have is pepsi cola or a bottle of mineral water. Times change as the new years pass bye.

I made a shopping list yesterday and noticed that we do not really have a lot to deal with. The shops are open again on Wednesday, so it looks like it will be a normal week again after the holidays. I am just hoping that there is not a siege in the supermarket today and I do not have to fight for a parking space. It seems when everything else is occupied there are always a few available spaces on the handicapped places. Someone told me in England they had posters saying if you take my parking space, then take my illness as well, or something in that way.

And now to move on. I still have some comments to acknowledge on my page, but will come back later as I have to go. I also had an update on my phone this morning from Apple or whoever. I was going for a wheelie yesterday, but I was too tired. Looks like my chair will have to wait until tomorrow for a journey into the unknown.

And now I must move on, things to do and places to buy food. Wishing all a happy bloggy  New Year and may it be a good one. And now all the church bells are ringing here.

New Year Clover

23 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Happy New Year. Too early here on east coast of USA to tell whether it is going to be sunny or cloudy. If it is like yesterday, sunny and almost 50 F … then I will try to wash the car just to show to myself that I can still do it !!! Best Wishes for a SAVE NY eve and New Year’s Day …. !!!

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  2. We don’t do much for New Year’s. It’s our stay at home holiday. Too many drunks on the road and the weather is typically bad. It’s snowing many places, raining everywhere else and the wind is supposed to come up before dawn. But maybe the wind will blow away last year and give us a fresh start. Lots of love from all of us!


    • We were hugging the bed already at 11.00 but heard the fireworks an hour later. We used to toast the new year in, but now just take it easy. Love and best wishes for a good one from us as well at the golden oldie ranch


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