RDP Sunday: Dirt

Vacuum Cleaner

This is part of one of my Dyson dirt sucking machines, know as vacuum cleaner.  Dirt is everywhere we know. Even our food grows in dirt, but that is different dirt, the home of insects and substances that encourage food plants to grow. Now we are talking about the dirt at home, the eternal battle to keep it clean in case you have unexpected visitors, or just for the sack of hygiene.

My vacuum cleaner helps with this battle against the dirt, but where does the dirt go. At the bottom of this photo, on this model,  you see a horizontal plastic container where the dirt collects until there is so much dirt that it has to be emptied. This is where Mr. Swiss comes into the picture It is his job to empty the vacuum cleaner,  far too technical for me.

This morning he opened the dirt collecting part and said a few profanities due to the cloud of dust that decided to invade his breathing apparatus. Of course he gave me a detailed analysis of what it contained and what I should no longer suck into the entrails of the machine. I was not really listening and it was a repeat performance from the last time and the time before etc., but eventually the bowels of the machine were emptied and so tomorrow I can again begin to fill it again.

This again was the proof that dirt is everywhere and we women are fighting an eternal battle to conquer it. Note I mentioned earlier one of my Dyson machines. You can never have too many vacuum cleaners, and I have a larger more powerful version for the larger spaces. This was also emptied this morning so now we can all relax and breathe deeply again.

RDP Sunday: Dirt

9 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Dirt

  1. Our old Hoover still works fine after almost 40 years. We gave it to our nephew for his new apartment. Then we got a new one … smaller, quieter, can’t think of what the brand is but I know it is not a Dyson … maybe Electrolux? Dunno.

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  2. Yes they are a good brand. But here in USA they are very expensive. Hundreds of US Dollars for one machine. Mr. Dyson appears occasionally on one of the TV home shopping channels selling his machines and makes the point that only his machines have the patented technology for the best cleaning, which is probably true. But we are two adults, no children or pets, we are gone all day working, so the house is mostly closed up, does not really get very dirty, and we can literally purchase a machine that looks similar …. for one tenth of the price of the Dyson, so when I needed a machine to finish cleaning my mother’s house before we put it up for sale last year, I just went to WalMart and bought one of the cheap imitators, although it was manufactured by an alternatve brand that is known nationally for rug vacuum cleaners , and it did the job OK. If we had lots of children, pets or grandchildren we would probably go with the real thing. Our previous Hoover lasted over 40 years and is still going strong. We gave it to our nephew along with the replacement filter bags we bought only recently, I don’t think we have that much time left, we really only use the machine once a week, so we will go with what works for now I suppose.

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