RDP Saturday: Abstract

Wichtel - Imp

Abstract is what? something that does not really exist, although of course it does in the mind’s eye. Try telling the Swiss kids that the Wichtel family do not exist, in english translated would be the Imp Family. Of course they are real, nothing abstract about these dolls.  The photo is from a photo, I have no imps at home.

They have even become TV stars especially when one little imp goes on a dangerous journey to reunite with his family.

Mothers everywhere in Switzerland, customers of a certain supermarket chain, are collecting stickies for a card (one sticky per 20 Swiss francs spent). When the card is full you can choose your little imp and eventually you have the complete family. What a wonderful idea. Every time I am at the cash desk I am asked if I am collecting stickies for an imp. I tell the lady to give my stickies to the next person behind me. And if it is a grandmother, or mother, they almost get down on their knees to thank me. Yes I have a grandchild, but he is at the tractor stage at the moment and thank goodness is not yet exposed to the world of public relations.

There is a reason why I do not collected my imps.


I have no room because the spaces are occupied by Easter bunnies and teddy bears that I collected during the last three years by sticking stickies on a card, that no-one really wants. There is no longer space in my sticky cabinet.

RDP Saturday: Abstract

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