Good Morning


This morning caught me unawares as I was sure I could sleep a little longer than usual with the result that I am later. I know, it makes no difference to a golden oldie life. We have nothing to do all day than solve crossword puzzles or knit, but I always was a rebel.

I was probably recovering from the stress of yesterday, and that was a stress. Week-end shopping in itself is not so bad. I get to go places (the supermarket) and do things (like crossing off the items on my list) but when I arrive home tired but happy and see the mess I left, then it is not funny. No. 1 son was absent on an excursion to the Swiss town of Baden and I had the fun of dragging the four bags of shopping alone up to the apartment from the garage. I had to do it in two journeys as my walker only takes two bags at a time.

I gave Mr. Swiss the job of unpacking the groceries and got down to cleaning the place up. It was already midday when I started. Eventually we did get a meal, later than usual, so my midday sleep was two hours later, meaning that my me time afternoon was also reduced by two hours, so no wheelies for me in the afternoon in my chair.  However I had fun with the computer, and was surprised how it all worked out eventually.

Today no shopping in the morning, but I still have a few things to get this afternoon, although that does not bother me too much. I checked on the shopping times for the new year at the store, and it looks OK. On New Year’s Eve the store closes in the afternoon already at 4.00 pm, but I do my shopping in the morning. I am hoping it will not be such a battlefield similar to the Christmas experience. Everything is closed on New Year’s day, but open again on  the 2nd which used to be a holiday for St. Bartholomew’s day, but his day is no longer celebrated thank goodness. There are no big meals planned for the New Year holidays and I am not even so sure that we will bother to see the New Year in at midnight. We will probably be hugging the bed already and forget the glass of champis. That is a thing of the past when we were young and lovely.

So now I must go, there are things to be done and I have a plan to complete. See you around, and have fun, or just look on the bright side.

St. Urs 25.12.2018

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