Good Morning

Alte Zeughaus weihnachts Calendar 25.12 (1)

And the Christmas days are slowly disappearing into the horizon, and I am not sorry. The stress is over, the shopping experience combined with buy, buy, buy is over. No more gifts to search for, no more 5 star menus to create in the kitchen, and now we can breathe out and get back to normal life. Perhaps some of you enjoy the Christmas spirit and everything that goes with it, but I am a Christmas grinch. On my last visit to the supermarket temple of stress, I noticed that the shelves were already being prepared for New Year fireworks and whatever.

And yesterday afternoon, Christmas Day, I again ventured out for a wheelie in my chair. It was not raining, we Swiss have had our big evening the day before, and so there was no big deal. The first thing I saw when I entered town was our old Arsenal, the widows  transformed into a Christmas calandar, and now all of them uncovered. I must say it is very impressive.

Altstadt 25.12 (1)

The town of Solothurn had now become a ghost town, just a few isolated people snapping some fresh air. The shops were all closed,, as well as the restaurants. I saw just one restaurant that was open with a notice on the door that only guests that had reserved could enter.

Dog 25.12 (2)

The town had bee left to the dogs and some remaining Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Decorations Stalden Altstadt 25.12 (1)

which were also looking a bit sorry for themselves.

In my forgetfulness I forgot to put on my gloves and take my phone with me, meaning that my hands were freezing slowly but surely and I had no connection to Mr. Swiss if my wheelchair would decide to stop. I had not used the chair for a week and realised that the battery was not fully uploaded, although there was enough power for a few kilometers. I just feel a little insecure when one of the battery lamps is not burning, although I was still in the green zone.

Circus Go Solothurn 25.12 (3)

The circus was still in town, but it was a deserted area. I head the noise of the musicians from the tent and they were probably practicing for the next performance in the evening. It is one of the Swiss family circus, Circus Gasser, and they are regular visitors to most towns, mainly with artists and just a few animals.

Gulls Aare 25.12 (8)

The gulls were still here, perched on their favourite look-outs at the side of the river. Now and again they go for a fly about.

Gulls Aare 25.12 (13)

This gull even posed for a portrait for my camera.

And so the days go on. At home it was nice and peaceful. We had yet another good lunch, uncomplicated. Veal slices cooked with a cream sauce with morels accompanied by noodles. One of our favourites, but too expensive for every day food. As son No. 1 does not eat mushrooms, there were all the more morels for us.

I am not sure how I will be here tomorrow. In the morning I can pick up my new car and afterwards there will be a few explanations from the dealer and bits and pieces to organise. Luckily my shopping is done until Friday, so I have no stress tomorrow. Of course it is nice to get a new car, but I will be glad when I have the big organisation behind me. I am now back in the old routine with a car, have no big choice. Mr. Swiss drives no more. Today we are fitting new linen on the beds which now needs both of us, and help from son No. 1 for the strenuous task of putting the fitted sheet on the mattress. He does it in less than a minute and we golden oldies need at least half an hour.

I am not sure if I will be on a wheelie again this afternoon, I must see how the day develops, but slowly I am getting my normal daily life back.

I leave you with a view of the various churches in our town. I take so many photos of Solothurn, but according to the angle you always get something different. The chapel of St. Peter at the front, and the St. Urs cathedral towering over everything. Have a good day, and keep safe. See you around.

Churches and St. Urs Altstadt 25.12.2018

21 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Is boxing day only in British countries? I remember a few years ago we went to Bermuda on the day after Christmas and everything was closed down for boxing day. Just curious. Your Christmas Day menu sounds scrumptious. We had fresh baked salmon. Today we are going to visit elderly friends of ours and taking pork ribs, veggies, french bread (I just returned from the grocery store getting the baguettes … they were still warm ….) . Best wishes to you and your family.

    Liked by 1 person

    • In England it is called Boxing Day, but in Switzerland we call it St. Stephens Day. The shops would be closed today, but many are open. Best wishes to you


  2. No quiet time where we live, all the big sales start today. Last evening driving home from Christmas dinner at my daughters, much traffic and some businesses already open. Years ago we would have seen no one, have a good day

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  3. Happy Boxing Day, Pat. We had a party last year on the 26th and had to explain to all our US neighbors that it had nothing to do with sparring in the ring! It snowed for about an hour this morning here in Albuquerque but it has all disappeared now (noon) with just a light rain. That’s our winter! Stay warm and well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No snow here but not very warm. It has now become St. Stephen’s Day for me in Switzerland. Just the last day of the Christmad holidays , thank goodness. Now for a normal life again. Tomorrow I pick up my New car.


  4. It’s always strange to me how there are these great big holidays then poof, gone. Like they blow away on Christmas night. I think we need a more gradual end to the holidays. A slowing down rather than a complete stop. It would be healthier.

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  5. Christmas is not for everyone. I rather dislike it. I find the preponderance of ridiculous traditions to be contrary to the actual Holiday. What would Jesus think?! Goodness! If His parents were pleased with frankincense, myrrh and a bit of gold, I think they would be rather put off by what Christmas has become.

    Liked by 1 person

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