FOWC with Fadango: Caricature

Joke 28.11.2017

I think sometimes it would be nice if dinosaurs still existed. Most of them were vegetarian, so you were all safe from them, and humans did not live then. Of course it might be that one of them accidentally put his foot on a human, just like we might stamp out the life of an ant, or fly. If we had existed at the time, we would probably have wiped them out in any case. Imagine a Christmas dinner with a stuffed dinosaur, it would have fed the whole village. No Christmas shopping for turkeys,

And as dad said to his son, everything is in the future. What a shame they had to die so soon.

FOWC with Fadango: Caricature

6 thoughts on “FOWC with Fadango: Caricature

  1. Dear Mrs. Anglo-Swiss, Lamont here. Turkeys ARE dinosaurs. And we — I mean they — wandered around for 180 million years which is a pretty long time. So when you eat your turkey thank a dinosaur. Pedantically yours, Lamont T. Being

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  2. Birds are an evolutionary product of dinosaurs, but dinosaurs … I wonder if they tasted like crocodiles do now? I don’t think they would have tasted like turkeys. Just guessin’ ….

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