Good Morning


I had a visitor this morning. I spread out the bread remainders and of course the crows arrived first of all. Not just the average sized crows, but since I feed them regularly with our bread remainders, they seem to have put on some weight. Suddenly I saw my cat Tabby having a sniff at the bread and a tongue taster. Big crow had not seen her and then Tabby decided to have a closer look at the crow, perhaps for a taster. That was when I got into action and called Tabby back, luckily the crow also heard me (I think the whole estate heard me at 8.30 in the morning) and the crow flew away. Crows are upredictable and you never know if they have a taste for human flesh.

I decided to take a few crow photos with my mobile phone camera, and it flew away to be replaced by two magpies. I was now ready to shoot, and the result was 8 magpie photos.


Unfortunately a bit on the blurry side, but I had to zoom with the telephone camera, and the photo results are never so perfect.

As yeterday was Christmas Eve, I did not go places and see things very much. I had a good relaxing afternoon, beginning with hugging the bed after lunch. I had an unexpected busy morning, Although I was determined not to go places and see things, I realised that my 5 Kg bag of feline vitamin pellet food would not last until the holidays were over so had to make an excursion to the village of Bellach, where the Pet store is.

Road to Bellach via Solothurn (13)

Ballach is not exactly the middle of the world, but they have an interesting roundabout statue as you approach. I worked for a company in the village for 30 years, so knew the area quite well. Unfortunately not well enough for a re-visit. Mr. Swiss always did these journeys at the wheel of the car, and I really thought I knew where I was going. I eventually arrived at the store, but doing a tour of Bellach first of all.  These are the little routine things I have missed in my absence as a driver. Now I am slowly getting back into the routine.  I do not even remember when I tanked up a car the last time.

Cat Food

So I hobbled into the food store with my stick. I had my walker in the car, but it was only a short distance. The young lady helped me to find it. She was very helpful and I was glad that she carried it for me to the car. Tabby is now happy with her Catmas present, although she would have preferred the same amount in tuna fish.

I also had to stop off at the supermarket for cigarettes for Mr. Swiss as he no longer really goes anywhere (except for a doctor visit) and I also realised I had no tea left. Now I am really set for my home stay over the holidays. At last it is not raining and I might even chance a little wheelie this afternoon.

So all is left to say is enjoy the holidays, take it easy, stuff yourself with all the goodies it has to offer.

Christmas wreath

15 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We have a pair of magpies that visit our birdfeeders. The feeders are meant for small birds, so the magpies fly up and bang into them, or land on them hard to knock seeds out or pieces of fat ball. Then they land on the grass and eat all the bits they’ve knocked down.

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    • We have a magpie colony on our estate. They let the crows have the first pickings and they take the rest. They haven’t yet taken anything from the birdhouse.


  2. The horse statue is channeling the logo for Ferrari ……. and is in front or a Mercedes dealership … I love it …. you have a great eye. Merry Christmas to everyone in Solothurn ….

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  3. Magpies are much more interesting than crows, at least from a design point of view. We have them here too, but I haven’t seen any recently. Birds seems to move around, depending on the weather and where they get the grub they like best.

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    • Our magpies have been here since I have lived here and before. They nest in the trees and have a colony here. They are quite noisy with their chatty voices


      • They happen to grow in parts of California, and were briefly popular as dried cut flower. Although I grew cut flower crops for a while in the mid 1980s, I never knew anyone who grew cotton, so I do not know if those grown for cut flowers were specifically grown as cut flower, of if the were just taken from cotton crops. I suspect they were just taken from cotton crops. Yours could have come from Egypt or Algeria, or could have been grown as cut flower in Spain, Italy, . . . or anywhere in Europe where (warm season) cut flowers are grown.

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