RDP Sunday: Harmony

River Aare Wengibruck 11.12 (1)

A harmonius view in the early evening
Christmas days are now beginning
I did my shopping in the jostling mass
People exploding with their joyful gas
All are buying their Christmas meat
The joyful feast is eat, eat, eat
Parking space was a big red zero,
Wait in the  car queue and be a hero
Is this really the meaning of the feast
My patience is going, it is now at its least
Christmas is a trial, there is no glee
Not a time for harmony
I will be glad when these days are gone
Bells are ringing with a carillon
Let them peal and spread the word
I dislike Christmas, why is it conferred

 RDP Sunday: Harmony

7 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Harmony

    • To be quite honest, when I had a family I stopped liking it. It was stress getting it all together, and a woman’s stress. Of course you got offers of help from the family, but the whole responsibility rested on my shoulders. The best is that I don’t even see the point. Today I really dislike Christmas and will be glad when it is finished.

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    • I have had some good Christmas when I was younger, but since having a family they were less and less good and full of stress. And now I have had enough of Christmas and will be glad to see the back of it. Today was my last stress shopping day and if something is forgotten, I don’t care

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  1. What a lovely view of your town! Just glowing!

    We have enough food to feed us and everyone we know for a week. I just had a piece of cheesecake and I am ashamed of myself. Well, really, it’s the second half of the first piece, so I guess that makes just one piece.

    Merry whatever. I’m exhausted. It’s going to be a very leftover week.

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    • I have planned until Ftiday with food. On Thursday I can pickup my new car.
      Yesterday morning was hectic as I ralised I was out of cat food which I had to get in a nearby village and a visit to the store for my tea, but the rest was smooth running topped with a good meal .
      Happy holidays to you and yours and may we have a good restful time


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