Good Morning


This is what you get when you rise five minutes earlier than usual because you have to visit a certain place, and it is not worth while returning to bed. It is always good to see some sort of cloud formation in the morning to reassure that it will be a bright day. However it is deceiving. Our bright days have turned into rainy days this week. This morning it is not raining for a change.

There was also a gathering of crows outside and then they went on an organised flight, cawing their little black hearts out. Now they have a food break, munching the bread it put out for them.

Migros Christmas

Although today is Sunday, I am off shopping this morning. Due to Christmas, which has turned the daily world upside down, our supermarket is opening today to cope. I am so glad. On Friday I did the shopping for the week-end and shopping for the Christmas days on Monday was not my idea of fun. Now we have Sunday and Monday, although everything going well, I will complete my shopping today. We are not having any family feasts, just the three of us, and the meat has been ordered. Isn’t Christmas a wonderful time, continuous shopping and stress and collapsing under the Christmas Tree exhausted.

I am continuously adding to my list on my smartphone when I think of something to be sure that nothing is forgotten. I am also gradually running out of space in the fridge and kitchen cupboards.

Yesterday I had a day at home, at last doing my usual housework. I have had stress lately, and the housework was pushed a little to one side, but yesterday it was back  in the old routine and I was glad.

And now to move on and get it all behind me. Oh how I have begun to become a Christmas grinch. I find it the worst holiday in the year, combined with stress . I will be glad when it is over and life returns t something normal. So have a good Sunday and make the most of it. I will be celebrating in the supermarket.

Christmas Tree Lights 05.12.2018

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Don’t forget butter … I was getting ready to do the crumb topping last night for a casserole of sliced baked apples, and I realized I did not have butter. I have tried olive oil in the past to make the crumb dough stick together but all you end up with is a big oily mess. Fortunately my wife was industrious and went to the BOTTOM of the chest freezer in the basement and … voila !!! …. emerged with a stick of butter … at least I thought that is what it was … I cleaned off the frost and yep .. .the label says butter with the little lines for 1 tablespoon, 2 tbs, etc etc where you cut the stick. Crisis averted. Now if we could just dig out some politicians from the bottom of the deep freeze and thaw them to avert other crises circling around us like sharks …. we could get on with making America sane again …. yeah right ….


  2. I was really surprised to realize Christmas Eve is tomorrow night. I thought it was later in the week … maybe Wednesday or Thursday or something. Garry was equally lost. It’s not that we lack calendars. We simply lack brains. I picked up the roast for tomorrow and in theory, our pies are defrosting ( a cheesecake and key lime). I have to bake the apple. I don’t know where the month went. I don’t know where the YEAR went.

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    • Since Mr. Swiss is no longer handling stuff at home so well Insm having to do stuff on my own yesterday was a strange day. Sunday, but the supermarket was like a normal week day. Today is the big evening in Switzerland, although the three of us at home only celebrate with food: a good piece of meat for this evening and the other days. To be quite honest, I will be glad when it is all over


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