10 thoughts on “FOTD December 23rd 2018: Passion Flower

  1. Those white ones are so pretty, but are also rather rare. The common fruiting sorts are a bit invasive in some regions. In western Los Angeles, they sometimes come in in gardens where there had been a passion fruit plantation a century ago.

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      • Oh yes, that is normal for them in other climates. They grow so fast, that no one minds that they do not survive over winter. Some people take cuttings in for winter, and put them back out in spring. Ours die back too, but because the soil does not freeze, the roots survive for decades.


          • There is one at the home of Brent’s parents near Los Angeles that Brent has been trying to kill for years. We try to dig it up, and it may not appear right away, but while no one is looking, it comes up into the neighbor’s yard just enough to keep itself alive, and then, the following year, it starts all over again!

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