Good Morning

Morning clouds

A windy morning this morning with some threatening clouds, but it has stopped raining at last. It only rained once yesterday, but without a pause.  I was again restricted to home chores and shopping yesterday. My life as it was is no longer. So much has happened that I did not expect, but am slowly seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

Yesterday the supermarket was naturally full of shoppers getting the food for Christmas holidays.  For one moment I thought that famine was breaking out with the people buying. I was not much better I suppose, but slower. I had my list, but this time two lists which confused it all. I had one for the week-end and the other for the Christmas days. That was where the confusion began switching from one list to the other. As I was buying I was striking it from the list and now I have two empty lists, which I can now reconstruct for the next excursion tomorrow. Yes our supermarket will be open on Sunday. It is also open on Monday, Christmas Eve, but I am hoping to get it all settled tomorrow and I will then hibernate over the Christmas holidays until 27th December, when I can pick up my new car.

Today will be spent with tidying up and cooking. I am so looking forward to doing the housework because today I have time and no stress. In the last week I was just fitting it in between. When I got home yesterday I cooked lunch and afterwards the guy arrived about the new car insurance. Eventually I made my way to my bed. At 3.00 pm I had to have a rest and I slept until 5.00 pm. Yes it was a strange day. Needless to say I did just the necessary on the computer yesterday and closed down earlier.

In between I got a messenger conversation with my son and his family with facetime stuff as well. It is aways good to see them all, including my one and only grandson who is becoming a real handful.

Oliver and me

Due to lack of photographic material at the moment, here is a photo of mother and No. 2 son taken with the messenger yesterday while we were talking.

The family will be visiting the first week of January after the Christmas carnival is over.

And now I will disappear for my daily normal chores. Have a good relaxing day. Now I realise how important relaxing is, just a few minutes to yourself is all it needs. Hope to be back later.

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I guess people in Switzerland have good reason to worry about not having enough food as the shops will be closed for a few days. Here they will be open on Christmas Eve and then again on Boxing Day yet Monday will still be crazy with people buying up as if they never expect to see food again. I may slip out for apples and eggs which I like to buy from the local shop as they source it locally but I have pretty much everything else I need.
    You must find the FaceTime thing very handy for keeping up with son number 2 and family.

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    • There are many large families that have their traditional Christmas feast, as all over the world. We are now golden oldies and do not bother so much, good meat, but otherwise plain and simple
      FaceTime is an excellent solution and costs nothing

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    • Tomorrow I shop, special opening hours, clean the usual, we do not wrap because nothing to wrap. Pick up the meat tomorrow and inam free from Monday until Wednesday. Pick up my new car on Thursday


  2. I am a few days behind again, but this time I will not feel guilty about it. I am staying in an empty cabin at work where wifi signal is bad. It is very relaxing, and I really need to relax. I will catch up, but it may take a while.

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