FOWC with Fandango: Compose

Portraits of Swiss Writers in Cafeteria, Stauffacher Book shop

If I was a famous Swiss author, compositing stories and creating books, my photo would also be on this wall, but I am just a humble blogger scribbling on my computer some thoughts on the daily  prompts of the day.

I was in Bern and visited the Stauffacher Bookstore some years ago, although it is a little more that just a place to buy books. If you visit their Café Littéraire you can relax with a coffee and see the  photos of the writers of Switzerland on the wall.

There are many: Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Max Frisch, Hermann Hesse, Adolf Muschg, Peter Bichsel (who I often see in town) and Friedrich Glauser (one of my favourites) just to mention a few. Living in the German speaking part of Switzerland, my writers are mainly german speaking, but many works have been translated into english.  I prefer to read the original german, having become bilingual almost over the past 50 years.

So if you ever chance a visit to Bern, the capital city of Switzerland, a visit to this bookstore would be worthwhile. And yes, they also have a large english section.

FOWC with Fandango: Compose

4 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Compose

  1. Back in my days of buying books, I loved bookstores like that. There are very few left here anymore. Everyone buys books online or electronically … which I don’t mind, but the little bookshops have closed for too little business. Such a pity. They had so much atmosphere.

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    • I was with my english schoolfriend on a trip to Bern and we decided to have a coffee. We both like looking around in book stores, which is not something you can do with the men, and we found the coffee shop in the store. It was really fascinating with all those photos on the wall. We still have our bookshop in our town for those that probably love the smell and touch of a real book and yes those stores are interesting, although I am a Kindle person.


  2. Interesting. We have been to Geneva, Zurich, Chur, St Gallen. It is all so beautiful. I want to go back and see more. We love the trains … just take one to a town and get off and walk around. Our nephew was with us and we went to the monastery in St Gallen where the oldest written Code of St Benedict is on display, dates from the 700’s. Also they have early written sheets of Gregorian Chant music that the monks decided was a more efficient and higher quality way of teaching the younger monks the tunes I guess … they also have a large world globe ….maybe 2 meters in diameter …. . the east Asia part (from Singapore up to Korea …) was actually astonishingly accurate …. so the Portuguese must have been through there talking to old Mercator about what that part of the world looked like while he was drawing that part of the world. Dunno …. The sign said the central government “borrowed” the globe and moved it to Basel or somewhere a few years ago then did not want to give it back, so a compromise with the monks was reached and a “copy” was made for the capital city and the original was returned to the abbey. I was sad we did not have enough time at St Gallen to take the cog train up to Appenzelerland ( when I was a little kid the story of “Heidi” with American actress Shirley Temple was all the rage …) . That is another place I want to go.

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    • I have been to St. Gallen once many years ago. I have an autistic son and the department responsible was in the hospital there. I have been in Appenzell a couple of times. It has its own charm and traditions


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