RDP Friday: Solstice

Sundown 12.12 (2)

A Week ago I was coming home from a wheelie in my chair towards evening and captured the sun as it was going down behind the trees. It was not the solstice, but probably a dress rehearsal.

We have a town, more like a larger village, near us where it is tradition to celebrate the solstice in  Summer. The village is called Oensingen and somehow, way back, they had a connection to the Druids, which is probably why they make such a big thing about the solstice. The big celebration is in summer when they have a firework display. They have a web site, but all in German. I found a translation of part of the site into english and am including the Google English translated link, although this is only pertaining to the Summer.

Oensigen Solstice

I have never been to the celebrations, but it is quite spectacular I heard. They do not celebrate in Winter.

Otherwise I find such events interesting and they are something actual and not based on a story. The solstice happens, the shortest day in the year. Today is very dark and dismal and there was no glorious sunset.

RDP Friday: Solstice

5 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Solstice

    • I know. Mr. Swiss told me many accounts of Winter in Sweden where there is almost no daylight. He was there once for the St. Lucia festival where the young girls wear a crown of candles and everyone has a big feast afterwards. When you get older, they are the memories you treasure. They celebrate the feast on the Wintersolstice day.

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  1. That’s my kind of sunset 😀 Always through trees. My doctor is going to stick a lot of needles in me and see if we can lower the pain level a little bit. Oh joy! I don’t even MIND the pain of the shots. I just want them to work. THAT will be MY Christmas present!

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    • Hope it will be worth it. I stick a needle in my every second day, but always in a different place and it still hurts. I got myself a car for Christmas which I did not plan on, but this time it is all mine


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