Good Morning


Here again, but not so long. There are things to do today like a shopping trip to start the Christmas endurance test. Otherwise today we have high winds, something about a wind with a name for a couple of days, but no hurricaine. I do not mind as long as it does not snow.

Had another experience yesterday, which I did not expect. Since breaking my leg I had to adjust a bit: not too much and I really do not feel any problems with the leg now, everything seems to have healed completely. However, I can still not just climb into the bath for a shower in the morning. My left leg refuses to life high enough. No real problem, I can sit on the edge of the bath, which is wide enough, and slide into a seat which I have suspended over the bath. However, this seat decided yesterday to bend and sink meaning that I was stranded in the bath and could no loger stand.

We are now experienced with these things, so Mr. Swiss phoned the emergency for an ambulance. It was a little embarrassing for me. I had already showered and my head was full of shampoo as I was washing my hair. No-one could get me out of that predicament at home. I could no longer stand. Eventually the ambulance arrived and two strong men entered, but wait a minute. They were not wearing the normal ambulance uniform with the fluorescent yellow jacket, no, they were dressed in dark blue. Ok in the meanwhile I had manage to pull on something decent, although in the bath, to save my embarrassement.

One of the men gave instructions and lifted me onto the edge of the bath and from there I could leave the bath and stand in the horizotal position again. They asked if I had any injuries, which I did not, just my pride was a little injured. Then the younger of the two guys said they see a lot worst things in their job. Their job? yes they were two policemen that the ambulance service organised. They told me they often help out when it is not so serious. So now I have had it all: two ambulance rescues this year, plus a broken leg transport and now the police are also looking after me. I must say they did look good in their uniforms.

Of course I now have to work out how to shower in the morning without my bath seat, which we have prepared for the next rubbish collection, although I think I can do it from the built in platform on the bath. I am glad I am not burning any candles in the apartment, or smoke as I do not want the next visit from the firemen.

Today the car insurance guy will be calling past to finalise details for my new car and also mentioned would combine the discussion with suiting our general insurance in case we had anything new to add. The guy from the dealer also called in yesterday to get a couple of signatures because the insurance will now be in my name.

And now to move on, get showered (if I survive) and off to the supermarket. I will clean the place up when I return.

Christmas Solothurn

23 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. That is okay. They are meant to help. You shouldn’t think too much about it. We removed our bath tub and have installed a shower cabin to prevent things like these. Have great holidays !

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  2. My goodness… lots of excitement. We had the bath tubs taken out about 10 years ago and just had the whole bathroom covered in tile, so you can hose it down and it makes showering so much easier. I did this after seeing my parents go through the same thing you are going through. Today is the beginning of the last weekend before Christmas … but of course I don’t have to tell you that ….every year it comes quicker and quicker and I end up doing less and less. But we still have a little tree, and strings of lights here and there so it feels festive. And the Christmas cactus and some of the geraniums in the greenhouse windows have decided to bloom .. surprise !!! So that is nice. My wife’s nephew is coming to stay with us for Christmas. He is alone and living up in New York in the north where it is rural, and cold. He just started a new job, so it will be nice to have someone as a guest. Take care and warm wishes for a warm and peaceful Christmas to your family. SLP

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    • This morning showering worked quite well. I just have to have a different system. This morning was a bit hectic with the shopping, and now for a recovery sleep.


      • Everyone is giving me the same advice about rebuilding my bathroom, but that costs money that I do not have. At the moment I am managing OK. Our shower room is quite small but not designed for walking in and showering in the complete room.

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        • I don’t have the money for it either, but I sure wish I did. 😦 It was really hard when I had just had the hip surgery and I know that there’s a future out there when I will not be the person I am today.

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    • I haven’t been into town since a week. I have had such stress last week: car accident, organising a new car and keeping my life on track. My cameras are waiting to be used again, but I have had no time, just a few shots with my mobile ohone


    • It was downright embarrassing having two young policemen seeing you sitting in the bath with just your nightdress on. Probably no bit deal for them, but I am getting well known around here.

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