RDP Thursday: Pod

Sweet Pea 30.07 (3)

Why did I buy a packet of everlasting Sweet Pea seeds? Quite easy. I had a hedge and wanted to have some colour in my hedge. I planted the seeds and they grew and I had my colourful flowers in the hedge. They climbed up and took over hanging on to every leaf and stalk with their tendrils. Sweet pea is quite clever and moves around until it can grab onto the next object. Β I just let them do their thing, which was perhaps not exactly a good thing. Were these the seeds that Jack planted when his beanstalk began to grow?

Sweet Pea 04.08 (5)

Pods? Of course they made pods. As soon as the flowers disappeared the pods arrived with the next generation of seeds.

Sweet Pea Seeds 2010 (5)

And the pods arrived after the flowers and they had seeds so we were sure to have more sweet pea plants, although the plants we had always returned every year. It seems that the pods opened and the seeds were catapulted in the neighbourhood. They went forth and multiplied. I did not really mind, they are nice plants and colourful flowers. We have a wild meadow next to our garden, which also now has sweet peas growing everywhere.

Sweet Pea 08.09 (2)

Opposite our garden there is also a patch left to itself with a few wild flowers. No, the wild flowers had to move over and yes, it has been taken over by someone who decided to add a bit of colour to a hedge by planting sweet pea seeds. Our estate gardener removes the sweet pea plants during the summer, which gives them more space to grow back again.

If you ever have the idea of planting sweet pea to make your hedge look better, then think about it. The sweet pea might, most probably will, decide to hang its tendrils onto a few leaves or stalks and take over, but it will bring some colour into the hedge. πŸ™‚

Sweet Pea 11.09 (2)

They even change their colour now and again and we have a few white ones. They are so versatile.

RDP Thursday: Pod

10 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Pod

  1. These guys LOVE to grow. As cold as it gets here, there are still some clinging to green life close to the ground. I have them on a frame on an east facing wall so they get morning sun and reflected heat.

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  2. I’d never thought of planting them in a hedge although as mine is photinia and the new leaves are red it’s colourful enough. If I had a box hedge I’d definitely do that. They do have a lovely fragrance and come in such pretty colours.

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