FOWC with Fandango: Easy

Feldbrunnen village 12.12 (2)

Nothing is very easy at the moment, so it can only get better. Christmas is one of the most stress filled times of the year, so I am trying to take it easy. I am now in the throws of taking over the complete household. We always split the responsibilities at home, but Mr. Swiss is getting older and I have now taken over most of the tasks.. I have discovered that planning is the answer to most problems and today we have so many helping articles: smart phones and computers are certainly part of it for me.

This week I was busy buying a new car, and dealing with all the bits and pieces that belong to the purchase. I managed to fit some shopping in, in between, and also dealt with the housework and I am enjoying it. I am also learning how to deal with stuff, that I always left to Mr. Swiss. He is there as a support and advisor, but doing it on my own is giving me a new view on life. Tomorrow I have a discussion with the car insurance guy, do some Christmas food shopping and perhaps I might even fit some me time in. Today I dealt with my british income tax details. Once a year they send me a form to complete to find out where I am paying my income tax. The only complicated part was when I had to call the office in England to clarify a small detail and they kept me waiting on the phone for 20 minutes because their people were occupied. However I was eventually connected and dealt with the problem. I can make my life as easy as possible, but as soon as others are involved it begins to get complicated.

FOWC with Fandango: Easy

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