RDP Wednesday: Family

Once a year the family met, because it was Christmas time
The tree was waiting with gifts surrounding,  ready for showtime
In the place of honour was grandad, sitting in a chair
Surrounded by sons and in-laws, it was their job to care
Now pop was well advanced in years, there was danger that he might fall
The relatives were prepared to help him and be at his beck and call
Now and again he needed help to visit a certain place
The other relatives formed a corridor, so he could arrive with grace
And then the aunts got very loud, because the drinks were flowing
It was then their kin moved to another room, before they started crowing
When everyone was full of cheer dancing was the crown
Aunts and Uncles all joined in to dance “Knees up Muvver Brown”
And then an aunt was ready to sing  “My yiddishe mama” so true
Why this song was always her theme no-one really knew
Two of the uncles were walking together singing “Underneath the Arches”
Flanagan and Allen were back again, doing the famous marches
And now it was time for sausage rolls as partying gives you hunger
After refreshments singing and dancing, the golden oldies now felt younger
Eventually it was three in the morning, and time to go to bed
They bedded now where there was room, to rest their weary head
The ladies and the kids were privileged, they slept in beds with a snore
Men had no such luxury and found a space on the floor
Family memories of days long gone, they are now celebrating above
We children of the days gone past remember it all with love

RDP Wednesday: Family

9 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Family

  1. I love this. Our big family Christmases were a little different, but the sleeping arrangements were the same. My grandma wouldn’t have liked “Knees up Muvver Brown” but my dad would’ve loved it.

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