Good Morning

Feldbrunnen village 12.12 (10)

A short one again, as time is not exactly on my side at the moment. The good news is that I will have a substitute car this afternoon to use until I get my new car after the Christmas holiday. I have become the planning master at the moment. No. 1 son did some shopping for me yesterday so that we will not starve in the meanwhile and I can take it easy this morning and pick up the car this afternoon and combine it with a shopping trip.

I have discovered that buying a new car comes together with many other things, including an insurance. Luckily my garage take care of the registration and I organise the details with the insurance myself.

Otherwise life goes on, it must. Of course I have not been for any wheelies lately and see the world from my window at the moment. I wish the surroundings were as sunny as in the photo above, but I did notice a minimal cloud formation this morning.

Morning Clouds

This morning I tried the new editor. I get the idea, but my first problem was uploading my photos. They are all online in Flickr which even has a connection to the editor. However the photo was not sharp and blurred. I have not given up and am sure it was just the first steps. I hope to get the idea eventually, it is not rocket science, but I do not have to like it, or do I.

Sparrows 15.12 (18)

In the meanwhile the birds are hovering around and I have the feeling I am being watched sometimes. They might be small sparrows, but a flock can be dangerous. It is when they begin to organise themselves sitting in a row in front of the window that I supposed I should begin to get worried.

And now I am off to do other things. For a change I am at home on Wednesday morning, my tour of Switzerland will be this afternoon when I will have to take the local train to the station and then the bus to the garage and pick up my substitute car which I hope I can handle. Afterwards I will be off to the supermarket to catch up on some shopping.

See you around, and keep safe.

Feldbrunnen village 12.12 (9)

25 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Oh dear. I missed the post on Monday so wasn’t sure what had happened. I hope you are both recovering from your ordeal and taking time to rest and re-charge. Stay safe in your substitute car too.

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  2. I had to try the new editor this morning too. I have been having an intermittent problem loading the gallery feature which appears to be broken because it refuses to work on both my computers. I had a lot of photos that I wanted to use for my Christmas parade post so I decided to try the new editor on the laptop as it appears I can go back if I don’t like it. As I’d already entered text and pictures I only had to use a block for the last bit. It loaded quickly but I was disappointed not to have the choice of format as I had planned to do it as a slideshow. I may try to write a whole post with the block editor one day to see how I get along but as usual, it looks as if they give with one hand and take away with the other.

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    • I began this morning, but am a little pressed for time at the moment, but will have another look. I was disappointed with the photo feature, but my photos are all in Flickr and not in WordPress, perhaps that is the problem. I can very well managed with the normal editor which is quite easy for me. I do a lot applying html codes. I am not so keen with this block thing.


      • I’m not crazy about it either. Most of my photos are on WordPress but I do occasionally use Flickr although probably not for much longer as they are limiting the number of photos you can have with a free account and I need to cull them before they do it for me. I will have another look at the new editor later, maybe Christmas week when I have free time but I was happy with what we had.

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  3. I am sticking with the old editor. I tried the new, but I think I am computer-challenged so deleted that and moved on. Pat, you are like the Energizer Bunny….you keep on going. Good luck with the new (temporary) car. Be careful out there.

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    • I cannot be bothered with the new editor at the moment, I have too many other problems to deal with, but will keep going until I get it. Today was a very busy day, I seem to be learning new things daily.


  4. Great photos today! Love the sharp three birds with nice bokeh behind and the building at the end with pretty sky. I’ve tried new editor. Don’t have the hang of it yet and doesn’t have “Copy a post” feature. I’ve been working with help desk on this.

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    • I am a bit short on fresh food for photos at the moment, as I have not been anywhere with the camera, been more busy organising a new car and dealing with the remainders of the old one. I do not copy very often on WordPress, but I will persevere.


  5. Since I was often in CH at Christmas time, the light in some of your photos summons sweet nostalgia. You’re amazing, btw. I know you’re just doing what you have to do, but it seems to me that a lot of times, that deserves major congratulations.

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  6. Okay, here, the place that sells you the car handles everything. Technically, the insurance company handles in some of it, but they work it out with the dealer. Actually, they also work out the payments, the bank, AND they deliver the car to you. They REALLY want you to have their car!

    I know you are feeling a little bit oppressed by life right now, but Garry totaled two of my cars in just three years. And he was a lot younger. He also crunched our last car three times in about two months over the summer — one of the reasons we got a new car and our insurance doubled.

    Hang on in there! It’ll be okay. Eventually. AND you’ll have a new car.

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    • I am getting there. I now have a very good substitute for free and the new car is ready on 27th. Also here the dealer organised with the insurance company and the insurance company will be in contact with me. Mr. Swiss will no longer be driving, so I am now the driver. The funny thing is I am now enjoying it, although I only drive locally, no motorway journeys


  7. Is it a Buick?! I have owned some excellent cars, but have never purchased one. They were all cars that someone else left behind or replaced. By the time I get around to actually buing one, there will be none that I want. They are all so ugly now.. . . except for Buicks.

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