Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening

Christmas 2012

This is just a short one to let everyone know that I am still alive and kicking, but took a day off today. This morning I was busy organizing a new car and dealing with various other details, and just had not energy left to write anything. My biggest problem at the moment is getting a substitute car to bridge over a couple of days until the new car is ready.

I hope to be back in my old routine soon, but I do not have a clue how tomorrow will look. So I have not broken any legs or arms and basically I am feeling OK, just needed to take five today and recover from the week’s stress.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening

    • This was also a miracle that he survived. Yesterday at the garage I took a photo. The front of the car is a concertina. At the moment I am having a difficult time.


  1. Such a lovely little Noel tableau … I am still unpacking our stuff. Maybe tomorrow I will get to the bottom of the last box in the stack. One can only hope. We are all happy you resolved your issue with getting new automotive transportation. Please post a picture when you finally a new car, we would all love to see it. SLP

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