RDP Monday: Halcyon

Restaurant Christmas

Halcyon days are those quiet reflective times when you can enjoy the atmosphere and the surroundings and be a peace with the world. Unfortunately today is not the case, when your partner crashes the car into a lamppost and it has to be picked up by a breakdown service because the front is a “total” wreck and the antifreeze has drained from the car. A couple of parked bikes were also included in the damage, but nothing too bad.

Even in my direst moments I took a photo in the restaurant where we were waiting for a taxi to bring us home. At least that was a soothing picture. Tomorrow I will be busy examining the actual damage of the car which is now in our garage and probably make the decision for a new car, which is not actually the halcyon surprise I wanted for Christmas.

Yes, halcyon was not quite the ideal word for today’s prompt.

So why am I sitting quite cool at the computer writing a blog. This seems to be my way of dealing with excitement, and do something completely different.

RDP Monday: Halcyon

30 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Halcyon

  1. I don’t have any urge to do anything at all, yet here I am trying to figure out what I’m going to post over the next week. I don’t have anything to say. I fell literally, written out. Isn’t that weird? I NEVER run out of things to write, but I think I actually have!

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    • I often get stumped on the words, but somehow I manage to find something to write. I have so much to do at the moment. Stuff that Mr. Swiss dealt with, I now have to. The writing part of my life helps me to deal with it all, the only „me“ time I have at the moment


  2. Oh my goodness. This is dreadful news and right before the holidays. Hopefully you have a way to get around to finish your shopping for your Christmas meals. I hope you and Mr. Swiss have a safe restful and relaxing holiday period.

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  3. I missed reading this post the other day and searched back after reading your latest. I am sorry you are having such a bad run lately but relieved that Mr. Swiss was not injured. However, it sounds as if his driving days may be coming to an end which must be sad for him too.
    I know what you mean about writing the blog keeping you going. I certainly found it a great help to me while David was in the hospital all those months and after he passed. You have to have something else to think about other than all the daily problems.

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  4. Oh how dreadful; you’ve both had a pretty full year of minor and not so minor disasters. I’m glad to read that no harm was done to your man. That’s really is the main thing! Or, as Hero Husband says every time, a car ‘accident’ (minor ones only) happens to either of us: It’s only steel — and money….

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