Good Morning

Back Garden

The snow has melted somewhat overnight and thank goodness our roads are clear. I just hope that it does not return at least until Christmas. My good morning posts might be a little thin this week as I hardly have the time for myself at the moment. My photo wheelies in my chair are becoming a rarity as my life has turned into shopping excursions and other household duties. We also have Christmas ahead, which is for us just a small celebration with three people, but our stores are shut and it amounts to a double week-end due to Christmas starting on Monday. Luckily the store is opening on Sunday as an exception, when I can get my shopping done.

I also have a doctor appointment to fit in somewhere with Mr. Swiss, probably this afternoon, so things are looking fairly stressy.

It was a dismal week-end with nothing special happening, but I was glad for a quiet Sunday. And now I must go. I have a shopping trip to organise. Have a good begin to the week everyone and hope to see you later.

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Everybody seems more than a bit stressed this week. I certainly do. I haven’t gotten to half the things I was planning and I’m beginning to wonder if I will get there at all. Meanwhile, Garry wants to go partying. Test out his new hearing. I want to sleep, preferably until slightly after the new year.

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    • Today i have to take public transport to the garage. Deal with our crashed car and buy a new one. Pick up a substitute car and hope I can manage with it. I might not be around so much today.


  2. Just be patient and do one thing at a time. Today is the final day for much of the lower postage rates in USA, so I have two more packages this morning to finish and take to the post office, then that milestone will be in the past. The next thing is to do housecleaning prior to our nephew arriving on Sunday for a week. He is very helpful with the computer stuff, he is going to help me organize a Facebook page (just as everybody else is getting out of Facebook …. I have decided to get in … but carefully …. no personal data and all that. We will see where it goes.

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