RDP Saturday: Play

game boy

I suppose I was in my forties when the gaming bug got me, but blame No. 2 son, he knew them all. And then I had a birthday, and what did I get – a Game Boy: no more boring hours sitting around and wondering what to do, just insert one of those little cassettes and the music began to play. Was I dashing for boulders, or did I have  date with Super Mario, it made no difference. Or perhaps I was building walls with the Tetris bricks. I remember one game where armies were climbing the walls of a fort and I had to defend the fort. I still have my Game Boy in a cupboard, perhaps it still works, but it is better if I forget it. It might get me again and then we can forget the housework and cooking.

Of course I progressed to computer games, colouring landscapes with the Wizzball,  and travelling Koronys Rift, but to be quite honest, I never did understand that one. Something about visiting all 50 worlds and eventually arriving in the station where the flying saucers were, which should be destroyed. I do not think anyone ever got there without being shot down in the first landscape. To be quite honest I cannot remember all of them. In the meanwhile No. 2 son had become a pilot with his jet plane shooting down enemies. I was never really into that, but preferred  thought games instead of action.

Even adults play sometimes. Now my game is writing shopping lists on my mobile phone.

RDP Saturday: Play

10 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Play

  1. I don’t want you to take this the wrong way (though I’m sure you will. I would). But I just don’t get the attraction of these games. I’ve tried to engage with them with my grandsons, but I just can’t seem to get involved. What’s the hook?

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    • It can almost become an addiction, especially if you get involved in online games, where you increase scores and rewards. The more success you have, the more you want. Inam cured now, some years ago


  2. I went through a short period of trying the games, but I got bored pretty fast. So do most people, unless they progress into the 3D stuff and get REALLY sucked in. I think mostly I object to the noise. They are really LOUD.

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