FOWC with Fandango: Intersection

Solothurn 02.07 (8)

I have never used the word “intersection” before, but after looking into Internet and checking my photos I have realised that it is the meeting of the ways, crossing over, things that I like to avoid when driving a car, but of course you cannot. There are nice geometric objects known as “roundabouts” which I prefer, and the Swiss have the nice habit of decorating them. The one in the picture has lavender in Summer. I drive around  this one when going into town. Right of way is always the traffic coming from the right.

Bielstrasse 27.08 (2)

And then we get the more artistic type of roundabout. This is to be found in the village where I worked for 30 years. There was some sort of competition and the design with the horses won.

Otherwise as a newly recruited driver, I am glad when the roads stay as they should be: no sudden changes in the flow of traffic which would confuse me. Although I am actually a Brit, where they drive on the left side of the road, I never actually drove a car in England, thank goodness. I took my test in Switzerland where they drive, as most of Europe, on the right side of the road.

One of the first laws I learned in Switzerland is when driving, the traffic from the right has right of way when nothing different is shown on the road signs. However when this changes from one day to the other it can get confusing. Exactly one of the roads that I regularly drive when shopping has now had a change. I approach the intersection and want to turn right, but I always waited because  a “Stop” road was signalised and checked if there was traffic coming from the left. Now this has been changed and the letters “S T OP” have been obliterated, meaning you can now go ahead and drive if you turn right  and the traffic coming from the left must stop for you, but you have to hope that they realise that after the last 50 years, this has now changed. I do this Russian Roulette three times a week and have survived up to now. Thank goodness the speed limit is only 30 kph.

FOWC with Fandango: Intersection

10 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Intersection

  1. Roundabouts are just now coming in to Southern California — they are usually too small in diameter, and confusing in signage. There is no rule about right of way, and for some reason the approaches are not straight to the circle. People simply stop and wait anyway, rather than merging into the traffic of the roundabout! I suppose we’ll all get used to them, but for now they’re pretty dangerous!

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  2. It was new to me to be able to turn Right on Red when I moved from New Jersey to Florida. Now we have to watch for the traffic signs that say No Right Turn On Red. I wonder why not??

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    • I think living in a small country we do not have such complications. We have nothing red. What I don’t like are road works which can complicate matters, especially if the road gets narrower. When they rebuilt our local road there was a detour which lead into the mountains just to get to town. Luckily we were on the edge and could avoid it.

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  3. New England is very big on “roundabouts” (which we also call them here), though a lot of people are confused about how to enter and exit them. Also, big trucks have a lot of trouble on them and it was IN one of them that my car and I got hit by a really big truck. So I’m very careful about them. I like stop signs better. At least everyone knows where they are going.

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  4. I do love roundabouts, named Kreisel in German which sums it up neatly, and Giratoire in French which messes with my brain but that’s not new either. In my opinion, and I may be totally wrong, the priority changes in the roundabout, first of all every car already on its way has priority per definition but priority in general – and only for the roundabout – is for the car coming from left…. Don’t tell me that I knew this wrong(ly?) all this time and years???? I had to learn to be very, very determined when I started living in France – or else I’d still be waiting at my first giratoire…. I was absolutely terrified at the beginning, now I’m an old pro!

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