7 thoughts on “FOTD 15 December 2018: Mandeville Vine

  1. I would say this is bougainvillea. Not sure of the spelling. Usually they are red or purple. I am not sure I have seen a white one before. You see them in pictures of the Greek Islands climbing trellices. I tried to grow one as a house plant many years ago but they are tropical and don’t like cold weather or short days of sunlight. So I have moved on to another plant. Currently I am collecting colleus. I have about 9 different varieties so far. In the summer they put coleus in the large planters that are along the sidewalks in the public areas, and a friend showed me if you pinch off a bit and bring it home and put it in a jar with water, it will route in about 3 days. So that’s nice. They grow fairly nicely, they will thrive under plant lights since we only have so much space in our sunny windows, and with all the varieties it is possible to make nice arrangements with the different colors and mottling and varieties.

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