RDP Friday: Overture

Bed Linen

The soloist has entered the stage. Her instruments are an iron and an ironing board. She will be playing the duvet and pillow covers. There is silence, a pregnant expectancy surrounding the stage. The artist fills the iron with water and connects it to the electricity. There is resounding applause for these first actions. The first outbursts of steam appear, yes the ouverture has begun. She places the first movement on the ironing table, a duvet cover, raises her hands containing the baton iron and rolls into the accompaniment. There are puffs of steam escaping and rising to a crescendo. The first movement of the duvet is completed, the next movement, the pillow,  follows and then there is a diminuendo whilst the iron is tuned with some water. And so the performance continues.

Eventually the overture is finished and the accessories are folded away and put into the cupboard. The performance will continue in two weeks when a new musical event appears. The old overture will be replaced by something different. Other colours and design. Watch this space, the ironing concert always has something new to offer.


And here is the maestro herself at an earlier rehearsal in Summer.

RDP Friday: Overture

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