RDP Tuesday: Connect

Two Firebugs

Firebugs have perfected the art of  connection. They lose no time. As soon as the warmer weather arrives, they connect.

“Hey, baby what about it?”

“You mean you and me.”

“Yea, let’s take a walk together for a week or so.”

“Night and day?”

“That’s the way to do it baby.”

“You seem to be quite sure of yourself.”

“All in the name of the preservation of the species.”

“You males are all the same. Hitch up and pull us females until our feet hurt from so much dragging.”

“And what about us males. We have to do all the work. You ladies are not easy to pull around. I use up all my surplus energy.”

“And who raises the kids afterwards?.”

“Oh, come on baby, that’s the idea and they raise themselves, so don’t show off. I know you want to go for a walkabout with me, just playing hard to get.”

“Stop pulling.”

“Too late baby, we are now connected and our purpose in life will soon be complete.”

“Ok, but let’s simplify it. You pull and I will push, they we can do it much faster and it will be more comfortable.”

“Good idea baby, so let’s go.”

And that is the life of a firebug, but they get plenty of exercise.

RDP Thursday: Connect

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