RDP Monday: Ripple

River Aare Water Ripples 28.11.2018

it caught my eye as I was wheeling along the river bank in my chair. Water is just water and the river is deep but not record making deep. At the edges you can even stand, although in the middle – who knows. Of course we have many ducks and swans that enjoy a good float on the river, and even a few river rats. They are usually active on the banks of the river and now and again you might see one. I once saw a rat running across our gardens, but it quickly disappeared. And the rats were not the cause of the ripples.

The water was constantly vibrating and moving in this particular place. You can see it in the bottom half of the photo..I noticed the regular continuous movements of the ripplesPerhaos. It was as if there was something below the surface that was causing this rippling effect. What more it seemed to be coming from the same spot. What was happening deep down to cause the ripples. Do we have a sea monster in our local river? Perhaps it is the beginning of tsunami. It was a still and quiet day. There were no high winds.

Just to be sure I passed the same place a couple of days later and there were no more ripples. A normal calm surface.

RDP Monday: Ripple

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