RDP Sunday: Dream


He tried sniffing glue, but that was a stress
His hair stuck together in a gooey sticky mess
The dreams were tangled in a labyrinth of fibres
Confusion was complete, too many dividers
The next inspiration was trying marijuana
He then got lost in a land of nirvana
Dreams are elusive and drugs might not work
But he never gave up even if the body did jerk
And so he tried mushrooms, the ones that were magic
The result was a headache which got very tragic
And then he discovered the ultimate key
The final solution was LSD
This was the answer and he now had the knack
He went on a dream trip but never came back

Just to add the plant in the picture, cannabis, was in my garden and no I do not grow it. It grew alone from some bird seed. But I kept it all the same. You never know, and it was a female, the nice bushy ones. Sweet dreams everyone.

RDP Sunday: Dream

14 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Dream

  1. My friend’s dad grew some MJ in his garden in Wallisellen just for fun. It did very well! It’s legal in Colorado which is no big deal for me (I hate it) but it’s helped our economy, something people dreamed would happen.

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  2. Massachusetts took TWO YEARS from when we voted legal non-medical pot into the state. They finally set up TWO whole shops (for the entire state) — and these two shops raked in more than 2 million dollars in less than a month. Suddenly, there are plans to open a LOT more shops. Voting didn’t do it, but all that money? Now THAT was something worth working for! Let’s hear it for greed!

    I used to like the stuff when I was a LOT younger, but it doesn’t have the same effect on me these days. And I totally can’t inhale and everything is too strong. The years have changed much.

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    • I have never partaken in pot consumption, just grew some as an experiment. Here it is not legalized, just the weaker strain. If you need it for medicinal purposes, you get it in the drug store with a doctors prescription. We have a store in town that specializes in its various producta, but consuming is still illegal in Switzerland


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