RDP Saturday: Squat

Grinding on Berufsschulhaus building site

I took this photo four years ago in town when they had begun to build a new trade school. The school has now been finished and the students attend the courses regularly. I was in town and had a look and saw this guy squatting to do his work. He seemed to be grinding the concrete surface from the clouds surrounding him. With his mask and white hands he really resembled a ghostly apparition.

And what shall I say about squat
It is something that I cannot
If I squat, I am down below
I cannot stand up, what a show
My joints would lock and refuse to move
And my back would ache, it would not be smooth
I prefer to sit and take it easy
It is certain that squatting would make me queasy
Golden Oldies should always live it alone
Our limbs would fix, and we would moan

RDP Saturday: Squat

8 thoughts on “RDP Saturday: Squat

    • Someone dropping by is also not a great help. I have to call the ambulance to get me on my feet again. My son cannot get me up and neither can Mr. Swiss


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