Good Morning


The big news of the day is that my white amaryllis has now broken into flowers.


Whether anything more exciting will happen today I do not know. It is raining, again and so I will be a bit home bound. As I am now driving again and going places on wheels I will proably be visiting the supermarket this afternoon if the rain persists. I forgot a couple of things yesterday. I could wheel into town in my chair and get stuff there, but only if it stops raining.

Gulls 05.12 (2)

I was in town this week visiting the christmas market, but also wandered around the river and noticed that The Birds were gathering. I looked for Alfred Hitchcock, but he was not around, so I decided there was no real danger of being pecked. Although these gulls seem to be an organised pack. They had settled on the wall next to the river and were planning something.

Gulls 05.12 (14)

And suddenly they all took flight together.

Gulls 05.12 (8)

There was a noisy flapping of wings and gull cries to complete the scene and I was snapping away with my camera. I chose the better photos. This was really more luck than anything else as flying gulls can get a bit blurred.

I really wanted to take a wheelie yesterday afternoon. The sun was shining and there were real clouds in the sky and not just a grey cover, but time does not always allow. After my shopping marathon yesterday morning for the weekend I only got home just past midday and had to cook lunch. By the time I was finished with eating and clearing away the dishes into the washer, I really collapsed into my bed for my midday sleep and it was already past 3.00 when I awoke.

I then moved on to the computer with a few challenges and had no more longing to go anywhere. My No. 1 son was off to a concert in town of some heavy metal groups. Today he is off to Zürich to see a Jethro Tull concert. There is a coach company here that organises these things and he usually goes with them. It is quite good. He could go on his own with the train but coming home would be a problem as the trains do not run so late and he is autistic. He manages very well to find his way around and the coach is always waiting to bring their passengers back to Solothurn after the concert, so he is in safe hands and I do not have to worry.

Swans 06.12 (8)

The gulls are not the only birds we have at the moment. The baby swans from last Spring are no longer babies and now float up and down on the river. I notice that the ducks, swans and gulls never seem to have problems. If they find food, of which there is plenty because everyone feeds them, they eat it. Perhaps the gulls have problems amongst themselves, from the noise they make, but otherwise it seems to be one big happy bird family.

Ducks 06.12 (1)

And now I have to create one big happy human family. Thank goodness I can stay at home this morning without any shopping excursions.

Have a good week-end everyone, see you around.


16 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I will have to look for amaryllis that are white at the market. I think I have only seen red and pink ones. By coincidence on Thursday (which is senior citizens day so I get extra 5% off…) at our market I bought my wife a small bouquet of lillies which are white with pink trim. When I opened up your morning post I saw the flowers and I thought wow just like ours almost …. They brighten up her TV room a bit and since it is rather dark (it is actually her “man cave” as we say … in the basement .. although there are some cellar windows so a bit of light gets in …. ) they last a long time as long as I change the water.

    Today is cold but sunny. We will climb up on the roof (actually she will do this, I will hold the ladder …) and clean out the gutters of the leaves and twigs. We failed to do this a few years ago and they froze with the snow melt into a plug and the water from the roof backed up into our attic and created water damage in the ceiling of the guest bedroom. So we know now that this is an annual ritual for late autumn that must be completed.

    Sunday night into Monday is going to be one of those famous storms in the mid Atlantic Bight of USA where the prediction of snow is a surprise best saved by professional meteorology … for the end … they say we can either get no snow … or two feet !!!


    So we will have to see, but at least the gutters will be cleaned out so we will be ready. The snow shovels are ready. My wife grew up in China and had never seen snow until she moved here … many years before I met her. She had always lived in an apartment so when we met and fell in love and married and moved into a house, the first snow fall, she was all over the scraping of the sidewalks and driveway. When it snows thick, she carefully carves out the cars and driveways leaving beautiful vertical walls along the edges of the pavement. It looks like pictures of the Harbin Ice Festival in China … !!!

    She spends hours doing it.

    I will spend the rest of my time Sunday and MOnday during the snow in getting out the rest of the Christmas decorations, the creche which is placed on top of the piano, the Christmas ornaments placed here and there, boughs of holly with the red berries from the bush in the back yard … placed on the mantel above the fireplace. Then we will be all set.

    Oh I forgot I have to hang the stockings. Santa only brings me a lump of coal, but my wife actually gets enough goodies for TWO stockings, since she only has one, the rest of the presents are usually left by Santa’s cookie plate so she will be sure to find them on Christmas morning.

    Our Christmas Tree is a little 2 foot affair, I wired it with lights and put small ornaments on it a few years ago, so at the end of the season it goes into a plastic bag from the roll of bags we have to line the trash can, it takes all of 30 seconds to take it down …. and I put it in the basement until the next year, when it takes all of 30 seconds to put it up !!! It goes on the dining room table next to the computer. I find the little lights are so relaxing in the late afternoon and evening. I lay down on the sofa to enjoy them but they put me right to sleep. But that’s OK.

    I also got a poinsettia on Thursday at the market (they were on sale and fresh … had not been picked over yet …) so it is on the dining room table and other than a little space for me to work on the computer and another little space to take meals, the table is full for the holidays.

    Best wishes for a nice weekend. !!!

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    • It is a special white amaryllis, with a sort of double flower. Our senior citizens day in our supermarket is Tuesday when we also get 5% off although I do not go shopping on that day. Especially not in the electronic department as it seems to be the day when the golden oldies are buying their computers.
      We live in a block with a flat roof, so no danger of blocked drains. Up to now we have had no snow or exremely cold weather.
      I do not really celebrate Christmas myself, just enjoy taking photos of the decorations. That holiday is for me just stress. I have not had a Christmas tree for a few years and no longer want one. When the kids were at home it would be a Christmas with my parents from England, my mother-in-law and our four kids. That was stress getting the meals cooked and buying all the food. I also had a full time job. I am glad it is now over. As I am a non believer, I have no interest in the Christmas season.
      I also got a poinsettia today in the supermarket. I hope every year that I can keep it through the year, but last years is now deciding to lose its leaves. They will never have the red bracts again afterwards.


  2. As it keeps chilling down, I have less and less initiative to go anywhere. So much CLOTHING to put on. The sweatshirt and the hood and gloved and muffler and the fur lined boots. I feel like a little kid that mom has overdressed. But we have another bright day and are missing a gigantic storm that is staying south of us and moving out to sea. Yay for that, anyway!

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    • Since I now have do it all myself, I decided to make the most of it. I have been driving for a couple of weeks now and getting into the routine again. I always wear short sleeves at home and under my winter jacket. Mr Swiss says I have my own central heating system, but I very rarely feel cold. Sometimes it might get windy here, but within limits. It is a long time since we had a real storm, just continuous rain at the moment.


  3. I am so late reading your ‘Good morning.’ It is almost time for me to say ‘Good night.’ We ran a few errands today and knew storms were heading our way so got out early to be home before they came. Which, thankfully, we did. Right now, it is pouring so badly they cancelled our Christmas Parade, which is always a lot of fun for the little ones. I will see you in a few hours! Oh, your amaryllis is gorgeous! I am such a fan of white flowers. Huge smile from me that this was front and center on your post today.

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    • I am also later at the week-ends, but I am not going anywhere so it makes no difference. It seems you have a lot of Christmas parades in the state. We have our Christmas markets. Since yesterday we are having very strong winds and it has got colder. I am also happy with my amaryllis and today the second flower also opened up.

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    • The one with the accident no longer exists, but I was determined to get another one this year. They seem to be a special sort. This time I am being more carefuly and checking regularly to see that it does not do the leaning-tower-of-Pisa trick again. The flowers are beautiful and today both stalks are flowering together, which rarely happens with my amaryllis. I will definitely keep this one for next year.

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